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today's thing*
Um, today's thing which was going to be about googling US zip codes which brings up a surprising amount of information.  So there's that.  But apparently my computer installed updates last night and my itunes is currently empty of all things, including my play lists and any music at all.  In fact it showed me the first time user tutorial when it opened.  It's early, and I am not so savvy, so this is an issue I will tackle later but it is not a good way to start a day.  ETA Or, as I am going to put the computer to sleep to get ready for today's temp gig I will figure out that after the updates the computer restarted as J instead of me, so when I logged him off and logged me on everything's back to normal.  Hoo boy am I glad I didn't ask anyone else to fix it.  Nothing to see here, *waves*.

*Also, I decided I need to get writing again.  Most often I fall behind on updating and then don't post anything because there's so much to catch up on.  So in the spirit of some of my favorite daily posts around this place, I'm going to work on posting one thing every day.  It will hopefully fix the need to update about everything, every time. 

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I now totally want to hear about googling zip codes. Did you start that as an idle activity?

I'm working a temp job where I'm entering catalog requests, and usually the postcards have been filled about by kids so their handwriting is a bit suspect. I tried googling a zip code to see if it came up with the right city as a shot in the dark. But if you enter a US zip code (and nothing else) you get the name of the primary city and lesser cities, and if you click through the first link it's usually an aggregation of all the census data for that zip code, # of people and what gender and race, houses vs apartments, etc. It's a fascinating statistical snapshot.

That is very cool. I should see if the same thing happens with Canadian postal codes.

Ok, just tried that and we get lat/ long/ elevation and number of residences. No census data.

Our government got rid of our long form census, and I think there is some sort of data won't be released for x number of year rule, but the details are fuzzy.

Too funny, I just logged in for the first time in months and I too really want to get back to updating more often, and I was thinking how nice it was to have these updates from you!

Aw, thanks! It's good to see you too, what' going on in your world?

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