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My back has been hurting on and off since mid June (mid-back just above where the ribs are just to the right of the spine).  Starting out it mostly felt like something was tight, and if I could just work out the knot I'd be fine.  Then it started getting a little worse, and occasionally involving my ribs.  The pain isn't constant, it seems to appear every three days or so.  In between it's completely fine.  Sometimes the pain is totally manageable with a few over the counter pain relievers and some days not so much.  I've seen two doctors about it (urgent care a month ago and I had my physical on Monday) and both of them agree it sounds like a muscle thing (or a ligament or a tendon) - that I strained something which is simply taking a long time to heal, and may be set off by really random things.  They also both agree it's not truly scary, like my kidneys or my liver.

What I know right now is that it woke me up twice last night and I slept (in order) in bed, on the living room floor with my legs up, in bed, on the spare room floor, and back in bed.  Weirdly it always felt really good right after getting up from the hard surface, but it hasn't gone away completely yet.  I'm temping as a receptionist again today so I'll take some meds and be careful of my posture, but I really want someone to tell me exactly what's wrong and exactly how to fix it.  I'm amazed every time how exhausting hurting can be.
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