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new phone?
jared huh
My current cell phone is a little over four years old, and not smart in any fashion.  It is starting to have battery issues, but as long as I keep it charged it works just fine.  Really, I've never been super attached to the whole cell phone thing, if I'm not expecting a call on a weekend I've been known to leave it on my bedside table all day.  If I don't hear it ring while I'm driving, I don't always think to check it at the destination so it may be a while before I get back to you.

Except now, with this whole looking for work thing, I need to change my habits.  I need to get better about checking the phone if I couldn't hear it anytime between 8a-6p on weekdays.  And people seem flabbergasted that if I'm not at home at my desk I'm not checking my email.  And living here only magnifies the issue.

So I'm thinking about getting a new phone.  I plan to stick with Verizon, in fact if my boyfriend and I combine plans it'll save us $10 a month.  But I'm still reluctant.  I've liked not having a smart phone, not getting my email everywhere, staying slightly disconnected from the crazy timesuck that glowing screens can be.  (I'm not that old, but this is one of those topics that brings out "those whippersnappers vs. my lawn" kind of feelings.[It's in the same neighborhood of why I don't have a FB account.])

Opinions, suggestions, recommendations, silly stories about that one time with your Aunt that vaguely relate?
I have no idea why this seems like such a big deal.

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After I got a cell phone, I wondered how I survived so long without a cell phone.

After I got a smartphone, I wondered how I survived so long without a smartphone.

It's true that you do sort of feel compelled to check check check everything all the time since you CAN, but that can be very useful! Maybe you can get a very limited one with not much of a data plan so you can see whether you have uses for it that outweigh the inconvenience of convenience. Having Google Calendar and Google Maps on your phone alone is worth it.

Do they even sell dumbphones anymore? They certainly don't advertise them! They probably hide them in the back of the store.

I remember still having a pager in 2006 or so and freaking everyone out.

If I get on I'll share data with J (much less expensive than my own plan), but maybe I'll just limit myself. I have realized that being able to check my own email at temp gigs without logging onto temp computers would in fact be super handy.

So it's time to research phones and figure out what I want.

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