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end of an era
J and I were cleaning yesterday, me inside and he was going through the little storage unit that comes with the apartment.  We had a few new things to stow out there, but it had gotten rather full so it was time to decide what we really needed to keep.  He is getting rid of a few computer-y things, I am letting go of empty boxes of various sizes.  Also, the VCR and the eight tapes we still own for it are on the giveaway pile. 

I remember getting that VCR, and carefully setting up the tapes so I had every episode of Buffy recorded off the TV, either the reruns on FX or the still airing episodes.  Those have been gone for a while, now I have the DVDs.  I remember going to Blockbuster to rent movies.  It's definitely time, the VCR has been in the storage unit for three years, and all of the tapes can be replaced (well, the Disney will take some hunting) but still, it was one of my first adult purchases, just for me.  I didn't need a VCR, I wanted one and I got it. 

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This is so my exact story! It was the first thing I bought with my first stage management money. And I just last week gave away all my tapes. All those XFiles episodes ...

I bought mine the year I was living totally on my own in a basement studio apartment. Yup. But now it really does just take up space. I wonder if there's a room somewhere piled with VCRs...

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