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I got home yesterday and went to my computer to do one quick thing, and then I had an evening of mostly leisure planned.  I have been setting the computer to sleep during the day so I turned the monitor back on and hit the space bar.  Nothing.
I swished the mouse.
I hit ctrl-alt-del.
I took a very large breath and tried not to panic.  I manually shut the tower down, then back on.
I manually shut the tower down, toggled the actual power switch, checked all of the connections between the screen and the tower, unplugged any unneccessary things.  I let it sit.  I turned everything back on.

At this point I moved on to my leisure activities because all the freaking out in the world wouldn't fix anything.  J came home and I asked him in case there was some totally obvious thing I had missed.  Nope.  (J works with computers for a living.  As such he knows many things which is awesome.  And as such I usually feel a little bad about asking for computer help when he's at home because it's what he's done all day [well these days more with software and coding than actual hardware])

J unplugged my tower and opened it up, pulling the hard drive and some other things.  He was able to transfer all of my documents (including my resume file which was the point last night) to this laptop, and has a spare tower around that he's going to try to put the hard drive in.

He is my hero. 

I said "thank you" as many times as I could without it losing meaning.  I feel like I owe him cookies or something. 

It's weird to have breakfast next to the laptop in the living room instead of at my desk.

Also, when was the last time you backed up your files?

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Whew. I'm glad he was able to save your stuff. It SUCKS when your computer goes down. I can see why you'd feel bad though... but I'm sure he has zero problems helping you!!!

It's just so panic inducing when there's ... nothing. These devices have made so many things so much easier but it means when they go down it's more difficult to work around.

J is very sweet about helping and doesn't mind at all, but I try not to ever bring him something stupid so I've gotten better at basic problem solving myself which works out for everyone!

Oh they make things totally easier but yeah, when they go down... ack.

Look at you go techy girl. lol... seriously though, that's pretty awesome. Looks like it was the right motivation to learn!

July 28, the night after my shit was stolen (oh, you probably don't know that since I haven't talked about on LJ—someone broke into my car and stole my backpack—inside of which were my work laptop, Kindle, and camera, among other irreplaceable things—and Shuffle).

I know that terrifying feeling of computer death, and I hate it with all my being. With my last computer, at least, it was the power supply dying a slow death, so there were warning signs, and I was able to back up everything in time. Before that, the time the computer wouldn't turn on, I was able to replace the power supply myself LIKE A BOSS and fix it.

I'm glad you had J there.

Things were stolen?! That's horrible! Are there any leads at all on your backpack?? I suppose at least it was a work laptop but still, that's such an awful feeling.

At least we could pull my hard drive and hope to get things back. Realistically there were signs that this computer was misbehaving (the fan got crazy loud for a week or so awhile back, and then seemed to get better - or maybe it just died) but none were so obvious that I did a full backup. Total kudos to replacing your own power supply, that is in fact, awesome.

Are there any leads at all on your backpack??
Nope. Have not heard from the police at all. They didn't even bother to check for fingerprints on the hammer the fucker left for me.

Total kudos to replacing your own power supply, that is in fact, awesome.
It was pretty exciting. I looked up how to do it in the computer lab and felt so badass afterward. Unfortunately, I could not save my old computer because fucking HP had designed their stupid fucking tower such it was PHYSICALLY FUCKING IMPOSSIBLE to replace the power supply without dismantling the entire thing, if at all.

But it meant I ended up buying my first laptop, and now I'm like, what, laptops are pretty cool, I can take my computer with me and it's just like I'm at home, whaaaaaat.

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