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New shoes

Today was my second time out in my new running shoes.  (The last pair was over 400 miles, and the lining at the right heel had started to disintigrate so it was time.)  New shoes are always nice, they're so bouncy and clean.  When I had gone shopping for these shoes a few weeks ago I had tried a few things on, jogged around the store, and narrowed it down to two pairs.  At that point I usually pick based on what matches my tattoo - heh.  But this time neither pair fit that criteria.  I asked about other colors, but my running store doesn't always have access to every color the shoe comes in.  So.. my new shoes are pink.

Actually that doesn't really convey it.  My new shoes are PINK.  Like 'I should run faster and be thinner to be allowed to wear these shoes in public' pink.  It's a weird motivation to feel like I have to live up to the shoes, but whatever helps, right?
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