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Start of the semester
I am taking two classes this semester at the local community college, and if all goes well I will get my Certificate of Acheivement in accounting in December.  Both of my classes have one introductory meeting, and then are primarily online, after this week I don't ever have to go back to campus if I don't want to.

Tuesday night was Managerial Accounting.  For someone who has been teaching as long as she has the schedule part of her syllabus is not very easy to understand.  But she obviously knows her stuff.  One student kept asking questions - well really the same question with a slightly different angle each time, either because he didn't get it or he really wanted a different answer - and she kept explaining, clamly even.  Sitting through that makes me glad we don't have many class meetings.  Tonight is Intermediate Accounting, we'll see how that goes.

Both classes have all of their homework, quizzes, and exams online.  That is weird to me, I would have expected the exams to at least be on campus and proctored in some way.  But the world keeps changing. 

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Yay! Accounting!

Best of luck to you with your classes!

Heh. I tell the theater folks I've worked with for years that I'm studying accounting and they look at me like I've grown an extra head, but I really like it so far.

Thanks for the well wishes.

At the end of the term I'd be really interested to hear your thoughts on the online exams. About the format of the exams in particular, and how you viewed the process of assessment in your class. The only online exams here are multiple choice and we require the students to set up a proctor- otherwise they are expected to show up in person to write. I'm wondering if you'll have mostly written or applied work, that makes 'cheating' less of an issue.

I think most of the work in the exams is going to be applied work - and we got the 'you only get out what you put in' speech about not using the book, etc. Then again from the explanation I'll also be able to do a problem, check the answers, and then do it again, up to three tries on the exams. Which seems much too easy.

That is interesting. There is a school of thought that suggests that if an error is highlighted and you only know that something is wrong, you'll get more out of the problem by going back and figuring out what is wrong, than if you are told what is wrong. I wonder if that is part of your teachers plan.

Huh - that could very well be it. One of my recent classes had all of the homework online, but the quizzes and exams were still in person on scantron forms. Once I get further into this semester I'll definitely report back on my take of the wholly online class.

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