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I went for a run this morning.  J had figured out a 6 mile loop from home, which I was doing for the first time today.  (The trail would be prettier, but not having to spend 40 minutes in my car to run is really useful.)  Essentially it adds another piece to a loop I usually run, so I know most of the roads already.  Except he described it to me as starting out in the opposite direction from how I usually start, and since I didn't want to miss a turn I followed his directions.

It meant that once I was back on familiar ground I still wasn't, exactly.  Most of the run was on the same streets, but taking the loop counter-clockwise instead of clockwise made everything look surprisingly different.  A few times I had to remind myself that things were familiar because it felt so strange.

I know there's a deep thought here about perspective and about how changing something really simple can feel really huge but I can't articulate that very clearly right now.  I just know that I should make a point of running the other way around my loop every once in a while.
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