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new (to me) desktop
To finish the computer story from earlier this week, J was able to get my old hard drive installed into a new tower and with a reinstall of windows - I have a desktop computer again.  It's been interesting becuase I keep stumbling across things that aren't on this new machine, like flashplayer, since J just covered the basic functions.  I'm kind of enjoying it actually, knowing for certain what is and isn't on the computer and deciding what to add.  I also have to keep looking up passwords since none of those saves have transferred.  I want to spend part of a day just playing, but we have plans to go out into the world today so it'll have to keep.

Happy Saturday everyone!

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Glad you got the computer alive and well again! That's a good thing! And glad you didn't lose a lot of stuff!

Happy Saturday to you!

It's a big relief. All the main stuff is still here, it's the little stuff I rarely used that I get surprised by.

I love setting up a new computer and installing all my programs and preferences. Have fun with it!

Weirdly, this is something I've never really done before. J set up my last desktop, and before that I had work laptops so they had done most of the set up. I'm discovering that this is fun!

It's also letting me get further ahead on my project to discontinue one of my old passwords, since my browser doesn't have it saved anymore.

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