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friend cut
I did a friend cut this morning; I think entirely of folks who haven't posted in more than a year.  If I ticked your box accidentally, or you've been lurking and reading for ages let me know.

Mostly the cut makes me a bit thoughtful, because a lot of the people were folks I met through TWOP, on both the Veronica Mars and Supernatural pages.  That site and those MMs were really my introduction to the social aspect of the internet, and while I haven't played on that site in ages, somehow this feels more like the end of an era.

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Thanks for having me! Hugs to you.

Thanks for still being here!

I used to read/post on TWOP's Veronica Mars boards! Those were the days... :D

That MM was really my first experience with online friends, before that I had a LJ and an AIM account (oof, have to load that on the new computer) but only was connected to people I knew in person. For 2-3 years TWOP was practically my home away from home.

For me it was a Buffy yahoo group, back when Yahoo Groups were a thing. A group of us got incredibly close, and a girl from Puerto Rico and a guy from europe (don't actually remember but I think he was Italian) actually became a couple, to the point where they flew back and forth to see each other. We made a separate website to posts pictures of ourselves and silly things to share with just us and not the rest of the lurkers. Good times.

It was almost a Buffy group for me, I had started lurking and very occasionally posting in the Bronze (part of WB's site) just before the end of season 5 when the show moved to the CW. I know all the folks from that site picked up to go somewhere, but I wasn't in the loop enough to know where.

The VM:MM was such a fun place. It was not my introduction to fandom, but it was outside of my online comfort zone. People were just so welcoming that I had to stay ;-)

It was a crazy fun place, was it not?

does that mean that I'm still on your list? I can't tell. I read, but I rarely post anymore as LJ likes to kick me off.

You are - you're one of the people who pops up in comments occasionally (like this one) so I know you're still reading.

Wil, who hasn't done an entry since 2007, and I don't think has logged in since then either, him I took off the list.

I only stay on LJ to read your posts actually. I like to keep up to date on your life as I find myself slowly losing contact with all of my Nor Cal friends. And I also love reading your LJ Idol entries.

That makes me feel special. Yeah, life rolls on, and I feel out of touch with folks sometimes because I have avoided facebook, but here is something.

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