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new running music
Running down the road
Both of my ipods have decided to begin dying at the same time.  The shuffle (v2) might be okay and it's the USB charging dock that is toast - the computer doesn't see that anything is plugged in.  But realistically it's probably just as smart and cheap to buy the latest shuffle instead of the headache of trying to replace something no one has made in years.  The very old third generation brick ipod (15gb of storage, oh how cool it was in 2003) is having battery issues - fully charged it has about 40 minutes of play time.  I know I could crack the case and replace the battery myself - I've done that once before - that is if it's even possible to find a battery for it these days.  What this means to me mostly is that I'm running without music.

I've listened to music while I run for a long time.  It can help push my pace, distract me from aches, or make me laugh.  It's not strictly necessary, and I choose to unplug occasionally for the change of it, but not having the option to have music has been weird for the last few weeks.

So this morning I borrowed J's ipod, with his permission.  I set it to shuffle and was on my way.  All of the music was different, and without a running playlist there were some things I skipped over.  But it felt like a small discovery, running to Woodie Guthrie and old school Green Day that I own too, but haven't listened to in forever.  Luckily J is fine with my continuing to use his ipod for a while, since replacing either of mine feels like a frivolous expense at the moment.  I think I'm going to like having new songs in my ears.

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I love rediscovering old songs. Sometimes I hear a song I haven't heard in forever and get re-addicted to it for a week or two.

It's been really interesting. So far the two times I've listened to J's ipod it seems to be focusing on old-timey country tunes (which he swears is not the majority of his music library). But a Tori Amos song came up yesterday off a newer album that I've likely only ever heard once - so now I'm diving back into her stuff.

I think I should start putting my whole library on shuffle to see what else is there.

Sometimes it is neat to rediscover old music, or find new songs. Glad you have the music option again!

A long time ago I would just put my whole music library on shuffle when I ran, but then I got the smaller ipod and got more focused. But opening back up to listen to whatever, especially since it's J's whatever so some of it is totally new to me, is great fun so far.

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