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New Fall TV!

It's that time of year again.  When the air turns crisper, leaves begin to change color, and there are new shows on the TV.  Yay!  In order of premiere date these are the shows I'm planning to try out this year.

Go On
The New Normal
New Girl (yes this is season 2 but we didn't watch last year)
The Mindy Project
Last Resort

Yikes, that list is long typed out.  The first two have already started, Go On seems to have promise (it's already better than Mr. Sunshine) and I love the idea of The New Normal but am hoping they will stop being hyper-Murphy-characatures soon and be actual people.

The two I am most excited about are Revolution and Nashville, here's hoping they live up to the hype.  Amazingly despite all of this TV we've only got one time slot conflict (dual-tuner tivo, how I love you so) and it's not an issue until November, so by then it may not be an issue anymore.

What are you planning to watch?  Anything I've missed that you want to make a pitch for, or that I'm planning on that you want to talk me out of?  Honestly, talking about TV shows was how I started being social on the internet, so this feels like a conversation we should be having.
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