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New Fall TV!
Glee Sue w/ stopwatch
It's that time of year again.  When the air turns crisper, leaves begin to change color, and there are new shows on the TV.  Yay!  In order of premiere date these are the shows I'm planning to try out this year.

Go On
The New Normal
New Girl (yes this is season 2 but we didn't watch last year)
The Mindy Project
Last Resort

Yikes, that list is long typed out.  The first two have already started, Go On seems to have promise (it's already better than Mr. Sunshine) and I love the idea of The New Normal but am hoping they will stop being hyper-Murphy-characatures soon and be actual people.

The two I am most excited about are Revolution and Nashville, here's hoping they live up to the hype.  Amazingly despite all of this TV we've only got one time slot conflict (dual-tuner tivo, how I love you so) and it's not an issue until November, so by then it may not be an issue anymore.

What are you planning to watch?  Anything I've missed that you want to make a pitch for, or that I'm planning on that you want to talk me out of?  Honestly, talking about TV shows was how I started being social on the internet, so this feels like a conversation we should be having.

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I'm only adding two new shows to my current line-up (and I swore I wasn't adding any) - The New Normal and Arrow. I'm keeping in How I Met Your Mother, Castle, Bones, Glee, Fringe, Once Upon A Time, Big Bang Theory, Doctor Who, and I'm sure I'm forgetting something.


We watch many of the same things! I ended up stopping with Fringe last year because of a timeslot war, my current theory is to marathon the DVDs of seasons 4 and 5 when they're available.

I'm impressed by your control, I wasn't intending to add nearly as much tv as I am. Of course if this fall goes like the last few, I'll have stopped watching half of my new list by Thanksgiving.

Well, sadly, I'm not expecting Arrow to make it, but I'll be watching every episode that airs. I desperately need John Barrowman back on my tv!

Arrow probably has a better chance being on the CW, but yeah it could be rough. More John Barrowman is always a good thing!

Which reminds me, I still have Torchwood to catch up on at some point.

Where are you in Torchwood and I will tell you if it is worth it or not? :o)

Oh noes, that does not bode well.

We have the DVDs for Children of Earth sitting by the tv, waiting for the time / my willing to be emotional (I've been spoiled). I've seen all the Torchwood before that and none after; J and I have been watching Who/TW in chronological order and we're constantly behind. We only just got to the introduction of Matt Smith.

Oh, well, Children of Earth, totally worth it - I was spoiled, too, but still worth it. Miracle Day, not so much. But I am a completist and I had to watch all of it.

I've seen the pilot to Go On and it's not as entrancing as I hoped but definitely has potential.

The New Normal is *awesome*.

Revolution is *awesome* with the caveat that it's fantasy not scifi. (The bad science will make you crazy otherwise - EK won't even try to watch it.)

I liked Elementary, but I read a complaint that it was more like a typical american buddy cop show and less like Sherlock and Holmes. So the jury's out on that one. I think I like it anyway.

I can't stand Zoe Deschanel so I skip New Girl, I don't know who Mindy is (SNL? I haven't watched that since the original cast) but the show doesn't look funny to me. Then again, I quit watching Modern Family because EK didn't like it, and now it's supposedly one of the greatest things ever.

I want to check out Nashville, Arrow, and Vegas, and now I have to google Last Resort because I haven't heard of it before. I'm looking forward to "666 Park Avenue" - looks like a creepy Melrose Place set in a fancy NYC high rise.

I love discussing TV on LJ/internet! Maybe I'll make a tag or filter and do a post or two a week about what I'm watching :)

Go On's pilot was a little hyper, it calmed down somewhat in the second episode. They've got a tricky balance to maintain but I like a lot of those actors so I'm sticking with it for now.

I will likely continue with The New Normal no matter what, but I can already feel J pulling away from it. (I also watch Glee without him these days. Then again, I found myself watching half of Glee on fastforward by the spring so we'll see.)

Elementary is one of the shows we went "eh, it could be good, we'll try it". Sometimes they stick and sometimes not, but a few episodes won't hurt.

Weirdly it's J who wants to try New Girl, I think a friend of his is really into it. The Mindy Project feels like it will be similar (she was on The Office) and I'm guessing we'll have dropped both by Thanksgiving. But who knows?

I haven't added 666 Park Avenue, but have been wavering a bit. I like the leads, but it feels like it might be too campy/soapy for me. Nashville is the show I'm most excited for. Last Resort sounds like a great movie synopsis, I have no idea how it will work as a tv show. But it stars Andre Braugher, so I'm in to start at least.

Of your list I'm going to try:
Go On
The New Normal
The Mindy Project
Last Resort

I think Go On has potential as well. Same with The New Normal - as long as he calms them down a bit. I saw The Mindy Project on demand - hopefully they will work out some kinks, it wasn't bad at all though.

I can't wait for Nashville. I really hope that's good!

I am most excited about Nashville; really I'll follow Connie Britton anywhere.

Usually with comedies you have to let them get four episodes in or so to get a feel for anything, the pilots are pretty much always too frenetic for me.

Me too, LOVE Connie Britton!!

Yeah, you're exactly right. They have to work out all their kinks in those first few episodes.

Supposedly The New Girl did that and people who didn't like it at first now love it. I just couldn't bring myself to go back to it. You'll have to let me know if you like it or if it's better viewed back to back via DVD.

We never tried New Girl last year, I think J has a friend who's really into it which is why we're going to attempt picking it up. I'll report back.

For me, it's Revolution, Elementary, and Arrow. OMG Arrow, I am SO EXCITED I CANNOT EVEN. *flail* And Tumblr is making me more excited for Elementary as time goes on, because it looks awesome. And Revolution looks fun, too. Yay fall TV! :D

Having finally seen a preview for Arrow it looks like they get it, so I'm more excited than I was. I'm still a little meh on Elementary (mostly because I love the BBC Sherlock) but we'll see how it goes.

I'm planning on Revolution, New Normal (although expecting to dislike it but need to see it to know); Mindy I hope will be funny; Nashville I hope will be a guilty pleasure. I don't really have high expectations for anything except Revolution. It's a little disconcerting. I feel like there used to always be at least one or two shows I was super confident I would LOVE before they happened. A: there hasn't been a show I immediately loved in a few years and B: I haven't gone into any with that kind of excitement in a while. I don't know if this means shows are less excellent from the get-go or if I got a lot pickier.

I agree, there used to be several shows each year I was absolutely certain I would want to watch and this year there are two (Revolution and Nashville for me). I think the pilot process has gotten more convoluted, it feels like a lot of things have one tone in their pilot and then move to what they actually want to be over a few episodes. I'm not sure where I'm going with this thought, it just seems like there's a lot of same out there in new fall tv.

Oddly, after not watched BONES in eons - primarily because the leads were getting annoying for me, I saw the premiere of the new season and want to watch it all.

Saw The Mindy Project on Hulu and liked it. I may try to keep up with that. Same with Last Resort which I left my screen for 15 minutes only to return when it suddenly got exciting for me.

The show I'm looking forward to is Elementary.

Bones feels like it's winding down to me. Probably not having seen the middle years would make it more exciting - it's been uneven the last few seasons. I'm hoping they're trying to go out with a bang.

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