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social round up
J and I have been all social recently, and I didn't share.  (So much for one thing a day.)  In any case, and in order:

Thursday night we went to see a Willie Nelson concert.  The venue was really nice, and certainly skews the crowd in a certain (older, monied) direction.  Since this was for J's birthday I had gotten us the prix fixe dinner beforehand too, and we brought the average age of that crowd down by a surprising amount.  The concert itself was lovely, Willie occasionally says thank you and then just keeps playing so his 90 minute set was likely 88 minutes of music.  I had never fully realized what a great guitar player he is.  He played a few covers ("Me and Bobby McGee" was my favorite) and mixed all his classics in and it was a really fun night.

Saturday we went to Oakland to a friend's pre-moving party.  He's running off to join the circus.  Yes, really.  What makes that even better is that he's the second person I know this year who joined a circus - Heh.  We ended up being the first ones there, which was a little embarrassing but also meant we got to talk with these friends one on one for a while and really catch up, which would have been much harder to do when things were all partified.  (Sadly this conflicted with a pinball extravaganza, I went from never having weekends free to figuring out how to not get double booked.)

Sunday morning I ran a 9k race - I'm a little suspicious of their distance measuring but then a 9k is weird anyway.  After that H, who also ran, and I went out to brunch.  I came home, showered, and went back out with two other female friends for afternoon cocktails and a movie.  Both of the ladies are moms, and one just had a birthday.  She came up with the idea that instead of presents maybe the men could watch the kids for the afternoon and we could have a ladies day out.  I think the day meant more to either of them than me, but it was a lot of fun. 

This week currently has no social obligations planned, but I'm enjoying this world where my automatic answer to everything isn't, sorry I have a show.

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TWO? You have TWO friends who joined the circus?? Damn.

The latest one is going with Teatro Zinzani to set up near LA for the winter, the first one is on tour with Cirque du Soleil's Ovo in Australia. Apparently the circus is an actual career path.

Love me some Willie, glad you got to enjoy his show.

Run, run, run!

Enjoy your free time!

I wasn't quite sure what to expect from Willie live, but he and his band were really good.

I'm mostly trying to get ahead on homework this week, so when I inevitably get busy later this fall I have a cushion.

Ha, I read nearly this entire post thinking it was someone else on my flist. I got to "I ran a 9k race..." and wondered when the heck so and so started running! :)

What are your friends going to do in the circus???

Heh - that's kind of wonderful. Who did I get to be?

The more recent friend is kind of the production manager for a family (one-tent)circus. So he'll be there every night turning on the lights, making sure all the performers are there, and generally keeping things happening.

The other friend is touring with cirque, and works with their computerized scenery, having run automation before.

What a coincidence! I also had two friends who joined the circus...although for one it wasn't so much running off. He'd been part-timing the circus and as soon as he graduated went with them full time. That was quite some time ago though.

I've never heard of a 9k race before.

Given that both of my friends were already theater folks it's really a little less "running off" in these instances as well, but they both gave up apartment/home to go on the road and it's just more fun to say that way.

The race is sponsored by the store Title Nine, hence the 9k. They aren't really race organizers, though they're getting a little better at it every year. I run it just for fun, since there are no other 9ks I have nothing to compare it to.

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