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social round up

J and I have been all social recently, and I didn't share.  (So much for one thing a day.)  In any case, and in order:

Thursday night we went to see a Willie Nelson concert.  The venue was really nice, and certainly skews the crowd in a certain (older, monied) direction.  Since this was for J's birthday I had gotten us the prix fixe dinner beforehand too, and we brought the average age of that crowd down by a surprising amount.  The concert itself was lovely, Willie occasionally says thank you and then just keeps playing so his 90 minute set was likely 88 minutes of music.  I had never fully realized what a great guitar player he is.  He played a few covers ("Me and Bobby McGee" was my favorite) and mixed all his classics in and it was a really fun night.

Saturday we went to Oakland to a friend's pre-moving party.  He's running off to join the circus.  Yes, really.  What makes that even better is that he's the second person I know this year who joined a circus - Heh.  We ended up being the first ones there, which was a little embarrassing but also meant we got to talk with these friends one on one for a while and really catch up, which would have been much harder to do when things were all partified.  (Sadly this conflicted with a pinball extravaganza, I went from never having weekends free to figuring out how to not get double booked.)

Sunday morning I ran a 9k race - I'm a little suspicious of their distance measuring but then a 9k is weird anyway.  After that H, who also ran, and I went out to brunch.  I came home, showered, and went back out with two other female friends for afternoon cocktails and a movie.  Both of the ladies are moms, and one just had a birthday.  She came up with the idea that instead of presents maybe the men could watch the kids for the afternoon and we could have a ladies day out.  I think the day meant more to either of them than me, but it was a lot of fun. 

This week currently has no social obligations planned, but I'm enjoying this world where my automatic answer to everything isn't, sorry I have a show.
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