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at least the link wasn't for embarrassing personal problems..
mr yuk
My email was hacked yesterday (facepalm).  To anyone here who ended up with a random link message from me I'm sorry.  This event has inspired a few changes / neatening up tasks.

1) Apparently when sending an email to my whole address book around 60 of them bounced back because the addresses were no longer valid.  I've gone through and deleted all the bounce-back addresses, and am now going through again to delete more folks.  As a SM by 2002 I automatically put all of the designer and staff addresses into email for reports, and by somewhere around 07 all of the actors for schedules as well.  Which means there are a lot of folks in there I've never spoken to again.  My current schematic - folks are deleted if:  I can't immediately remember what show we did together or we only worked one show together.  When in doubt a hotmail or earthlink address gets deleted.

2) Remember the part where I don't have a smart phone?  I was out at a seminar thing and then running errands so when I got a text that things had gone wonky at 10:30a, the next time I was going to be at a computer to fix it was around 2p.  I ended up calling J, feeding him my current password over the phone, and having him change it to anything else to make sure it stopped.  Then when he got home he gave me the new password so I could get in and start cleaning up.  This, combined with the fact that using my phone as a calculator in class this week lost it a bar of battery, may be the tipping point.  I think I'm going phone shopping this weekend.

In conclusion, I had used that old password for around 14 years.  I've changed it everywhere I used it (luckily not many) but I'm a little sad it's gone. 

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I totally understand. I have a password that I've used forever in most places (and it's actually one that's probably easy to hack, so I really should change it anyway, but I'm attached to it and I don't even know all the places I've used it, it's my default assumption if I can't remember what I used on a particular site). Having to change my password more frequently at work has given me a couple other ones I could use, none of them SUPER secure but easy to remember and type.

I had one other use everywhere password (luckily I always had email on a separate one) that I've been slowly replacing. Like you, it was my go to password for years so I'm trying to replace it on everything I still use; that way if someone hacks my friendster account (is that even still out there) they don't get anything useful. But the better security vs. actually being able to remember the password is a big deal. I'm struggling to come up with something new .

You're about the fifth person I know who's been hacked this month. I just turned on the two-step verification on my primary gmail yesterday and it's not nearly as much of a hassle as I thought it would be. Doooo eeeet.

When I got into my yahoo account that evening there was a message that my account had been accessed by an unusual device, which felt a bit like shutting the door after the horse was out. I have a gmail account I've never really used much - I'm thinking of switching over and leaving yahoo for all the online shopping and gmail for actual people. But that would take effort.

Yahoo has a two-step verification system too. I think it's a little different but they have one.

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