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cool things this week
- Yes, I got a smart phone.  I think it's telling that when I was comparing my top two choices I checked the keyboards and how the phones slid open, what the typing felt like, the size of the screen, how heavy the phone was.  The thing I didn't ever do?  Hold either one up to my ear, you know, like a phone.  In any case I'm still adjusting to the thing and really have to finish unpacking the bag of accessories that came with it.

- I applied for my Certificate of Achievement, and as long as I finish my last two classes this semester with a C average or better I'll be getting it in December.  Yay!

- Along the same lines I've taken my first midterm in each class and did well.  I'm annoyed with one of the professors for not making a few technical things about her tests clear before we were in the middle of it, but ah well.

- I've registered with a job seeker center, for some assistance with this whole looking for a job thing.  So far the things I've done through them have been really useful, and I'm looking forward to the resume class next week.

- After a short heatwave at the beginning of the week (ugh) we are back to typical autumn temps, thankfully.  I thought I was going to melt running Tuesday morning.

Have a great weekend!

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Well, come on, what phone did you get??

heh. It's a droid 4 - I really did still want the keyboard, and honestly having that as a requirement also meant looking at many fewer phones, which I liked.

I wanted a keyboard too, but I ended getting one without it, and I love Swype, so it's been all right. The keyboard adds a lot of bulk and weight.

*cheers for new phone!* What kind? and I agree about checking out the slidey keyboard and screen - who cares what it feels like up by your ear, you'll never use that part!

Ironically, my phone just died (or is in the process of doing so) and friend is loaning me their old phone, so I'm going retro with a Droid 2.

It's a droid 4. Amusingly it slides from the opposite side my old phone opened, so I keep trying to push it the wrong way.

Ack for phones dying. Hopefully the droid 2 is fun to play with at least.

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