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cool things this week

- Yes, I got a smart phone.  I think it's telling that when I was comparing my top two choices I checked the keyboards and how the phones slid open, what the typing felt like, the size of the screen, how heavy the phone was.  The thing I didn't ever do?  Hold either one up to my ear, you know, like a phone.  In any case I'm still adjusting to the thing and really have to finish unpacking the bag of accessories that came with it.

- I applied for my Certificate of Achievement, and as long as I finish my last two classes this semester with a C average or better I'll be getting it in December.  Yay!

- Along the same lines I've taken my first midterm in each class and did well.  I'm annoyed with one of the professors for not making a few technical things about her tests clear before we were in the middle of it, but ah well.

- I've registered with a job seeker center, for some assistance with this whole looking for a job thing.  So far the things I've done through them have been really useful, and I'm looking forward to the resume class next week.

- After a short heatwave at the beginning of the week (ugh) we are back to typical autumn temps, thankfully.  I thought I was going to melt running Tuesday morning.

Have a great weekend!
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