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Remember a while back when I decided to post one thing every day so I didn't feel overwhelmed by having too much to say?  And then ran out of things to say every day, but kept posting reasonably regularly?  And then apparently fell into a cave for 3.5 weeks (has it really been that long)?

So - I'm stealing an old idea from emo_snal and declaring my own personal 30 in 30 for November.  It should be a post every day, but I may double up somewhere.  So there!

Part of the reason for this is after some agonizing, I'm not doing nano this year (despite the fact that I have an unfinished novel that has been outlined that would be perfect to dive back into).  There are seven weeks left of this semester, and I need to stay on point with my homework.  But I am itching to write something, so a post a day is where I'm starting.  Whee!
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