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halloween wrap up

We had no trick-or-treaters yesterday.  It's not too surprising as we live in the back of a small apartment complex, but then several of the neighbors had some cool decorations up, and we live across the way from a grade school.  Only once in the four Halloweens we've been here did we have kids come to the door, and it was the year we were unprepared.  Every year since then I buy a bag or two of candy just in case and nothing.  (Maybe that's the key, if I don't buy anything kids will come.  Except you can see how that would work out, cans of green beans are not good treats.)  In the past it didn't matter so much because I'd bring all the uneaten candy to rehearsals where it would disappear.  This year there's no place for it to go but my belly.  Uh-oh.
I'm really ready for all of the mosquitoes to die now.  We've had a lot of them around this fall, and I keep getting 1-3 bites a day.  Then when I hit some unknowable critical mass, all of the bites swell to the size of quarters and drive me even crazier.  To go along with this I got slightly sunburned last weekend on my upper arms; running on Saturday and hiking on Sunday.  I did put sunscreen on both days, but I didn't reapply.  I think Saturday is the culprit, I was out in the late morning and wasn't super careful with application since it was cloudy when I left.  In fact I also got a few spots of heat rash on my upper chest from that run.  I'm living my days in aloe and calamine, and waiting for it to get cold.
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