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job news
CharlieBrown dancing
I start a temp-to-perm position on Monday.  I'm really excited about the company and the opportunity (which I don't want to talk about too much yet because I'm a bit afraid I'll jinx it.)  The job is 8:30-5 M-F, exactly what I had been hoping for.  It's in San Francisco, and since I don't want to deal with parking I will be dealing with Caltrain and Muni.

I am a little nervous about the commute.  I've always had to drive to work, 30-45 minutes usually depending on the location, day, and time, but given that I was usually traveling in non-commute hours it wasn't so bad.  And of course, in a car you can also run errands or make any extra stops you want.  Relying on a train with a fixed schedule will be interesting.  My current plan has me walking to the station (six blocks or so) to catch the 7:28, after the transfer to Muni it should get me where I need to be at 8:18.  I haven't figured out the trip home yet, or what I'm actually going to do on the train.

I think I'm dealing with a bit of "be careful what you wish for" here, I always knew that making this schedule change could be difficult, but now that I'm staring at it all I've got are questions:  when will I run/watch movies j doesn't want to see/do my homework? how do I fill an hour's lunch in the city?   And given that it's temp-to-perm there's also the issue of not thinking I 100% have it because I don't yet.

So welcome to me actually making this transition, instead of just talking about it.  Hopefully it will be a good ride.

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Congratulations!! And the fixed-time commute can be stressful, but just make sure to figure out contingencies if you miss your train ahead of time.

As for what you're going to do on the train? READ. DUH. That's what commuting is for.

As for filling an hour's lunch in the city? READ. DUH. That's what lunch is for.


Thanks! I have a few contingency plans, and will need to start checking on Caltrain before I leave in the morning I guess.

Heh - books I've got. That certainly won't be a problem.

It'll be fine. It'll be a big adjustment for you, but it's very easy to kill an hour in a city (I used to go off and discover all sorts of hidden pockets in London, beautiful spots that not many people knew about, just by walking in a random direction), you can run as soon as you get home and movies are easily done in the evening or weekend. These are little distractions to take your mind off the change you've committed to. But it's going to be great - you'll do really well.

Random walking sounds like a great idea, I don't know the city very well and I'm right by the bay.

Thanks for the words of encouragement, I know most of this is just my brain dithering about things being different and it will work itself out.

I would take a walk around if I had an hour lunch break. I walked around quite a bit in San Francisco when I visited there a couple of years ago.

Good luck.

A walk is a good idea, and it's a pretty area of SF.

Thanks for the good wishes.

So excited for you!

Thanks man!
I didn't know you still ever came to this place.

Congrats on the job! I hope you like it and they like you.

I always read on public transportation, and I still spend my lunch hour screwing around on the internet although I always say I'm going to use that time to walk. Time to do other things- the running, the movies your partner doesn't want to see - I have no good answers for, because my answer has always been to stay up several hours later than he does/than I should. Let me be a cautionary tale, and don't do that! ;)

Heh - in our house I'm the first one to bed and J gets quiet time after than. Likely I'll be home before he is most of the time so I should have at least an hour there to play with, we'll see what happens.

I took the train for over 10 years from Sunnyvale/Mtn View to SF. I read and/or slept on the train. As for the schedule, you just generally learn to be flexible, especially depending on the type of job (i.e., whether you can always leave at a fixed time or not; I frequently took different trains home every day). Caltrain is generally pretty reliable, but you do have to learn to deal with delays from time to time. It's much easier to just go with the flow rather than stress out when you're stuck on a train and can't do anything about it. And if you're taking Muni to the station in the evening, you'll probably have to deal with missing your train now and then. Hopefully there's another soon, but I found myself hanging out at Panera occasionally to kill time. I can probably answer almost any questions you have.

Anyway, I'm wondering what temp agency you are using. I got laid off last December and still haven't found anything. Just finished a 2-month temp job and hoping to at least get more temp gigs if I still can't find a permanent job, but haven't had much luck yet with agencies actually calling me.

Trains home I'm not worried about, trains there are my main concern. But then, the office is three other people and me and they all understand the issues with public transit so as long as I'm on the train that was supposed to get me there I don't think anyone will scream.

I've been working with Adecco, and I haven't been super impressed with the folks in the San Bruno office - though of course I now have this job so I shouldn't be complaining. But they weren't great about calling me either.

Have you heard of the Connect center in Sunnyvale? They offer workshops on resumes, interviewing, setting up a linked in profile, and the like for people who are out of work. You may not need any of that (coming out of theater I did) but they also have a lot of networking opportunities, which might help you out. Could be worth looking into.

Congrats and best of luck! You'll get settled into a routine, I'm sure. I think the best thing to do in these temp-to-perm situations is to treat it like you are already perm.

Thanks! And yes, just thinking of it as my job without the temporary part is best, it's too awkward otherwise.

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