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did you set your clocks back?
time is twisted
Ladies and gents -

welcome to the end of daylight savings time, where those of us who observe this crazy ritual just lived through 1am twice and got an extra hour of sleep.  It's nicely timed for me who has to start getting up around 6a next week, but it still seems like a weird thing to do.

The year I lived in AZ was nifty, they don't do daylight savings.  However, because everyone else does it was still noticeable, mostly on the TV.  Because we would swing from Pacific to Mountain time, all of the cable channel shows I watched would suddenly shift by an hour.

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I think it was Benjamin Franklin? (Wasn't everything?) It was supposed to save power by making it stay light out later. A few years ago they changed when we end it to make it happen after Halloween, which was totally the candy lobby's fault- they thought kids would trick or treat longer if it was light out longer, and wanted to sell more candy. No lie.

Yup, Ben Franklin. I always thought it was weird that it used to be right before Halloween since so many kids were going to be out on the streets in the evening, even if the candy lobby was responsible, moving it to the first Sunday of November makes sense to me.

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