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(no subject)
Out of the ordinary things I did today:
ran after work - I usually run in the mornings so running in the evening felt a little strange.  J ran with metonight  to help me get past the feeling that girls aren't supposed to go out after dark by themselves.  Most of the route has a reasonable number of street lights so it's not so bad.

I do have actual other stories to tell (recent hiking trips, payphones, a race this weekend) but right now I'm still figuring out how to allocate my time.  Speaking of, does anyone have a good LJ app to recommend?  I'm thinking reading my flist could be a good way to spend train time but I've still barely figured out my smart phone.

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I like "ElJay" for my phone- people complain about the official LJ app but I like the one I use. It's great for reading because it gives me a little preview of each post so I can decide whether to click right now or not. The only thing it doesn't seem to do is post pictures, which is a pain, but neither does the official one I don't think.

The LJ mobile site is actually pretty good for reading your flist too. I also have the ElJay app, but I don't use it that much.

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