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I think I need to start making time to do my daily post in the morning, by the time I get around to it before bed my brain is empty.

I'm reading Edgar Rice Burroughs' "John Carter of Mars".  Well I don't think that's the official title, it's a compendium of his first three Mars books.  They're rip-roaring yarns, very much of their time.  I'm amazed at how closely the movie followed the book, and oh I wish they had marketed it better.  The movie wasn't fantastic, but it was an old school adventure tail, and I didn't feel like I wasted my money after seeing it in the theater.  (Unlike say "Lawless" more recently.) 

It's also a fun commute read because it looks so serious, it's a big book and the cover is fairly calm.  And then I see people glance at the title and glance back at me like it wasn't what they expected.  Heh.

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I literally fell asleep in the movie. I thought it was *horrible*. the only reason I went was as a favor to EK, because he loves the books and really hoped the movie would be enjoyable. Zzzzz....

Commuting time is good reading time! That's the only thing I miss about my old bus ride back in the day :) Now I drive five minutes and I'm here.

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