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Nearly at the end of my first week and I'm still learning new things.  Like if I miss the 5:27 the next train out of SF going where I need it to go doesn't leave until 5:56.  Like getting home at 6:40 makes it a lot harder to motivate and go out for a run.  Like having bought a rain shell for hiking that is bright lime green was a good call, because wearing it when I run after dark (and it's decided to be wet) means I'm visible.  Like I'm going to need to get a light something to have with me when I run not only so other people can see me but so I can see my watch even if I'm not under a street lamp.

Like I need to just set my alarm a little earlier already, so I stop feeling panicked every morning that I'm going to miss my train.  Speaking of....

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I remember when I visited San Francisco and tried taking the subway. I was shocked at how long the wait was between trains. The Boston subway system has plenty of problems, but waiting more than five minutes between trains going to the same place is cause for concern.

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