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race day!

This morning was my third half-marathon this year.  I wasn't certain how fast I'd be today, my training has been slowish but with lots of miles.  My first mile was 10 minutes which is a bit fast for me, but it felt good so I figured why not?

At mile 9 my split was 1:29:10, or 9:55 miles.
Then I slowed down some for the last four miles (about 10:30 per) but I still set a new PR by 3ish minutes. 
Even cooler, it's a palindrome!

My right knee and hip are sore - it amuses me that after running quickly in the morning I walk so slowly for the rest of the day.

The course was along the bayfront, out and back mostly on the Bay Trail and super pretty.  It was clear and cold which made for a wonderful race. 
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