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walking home

Walking home from the train station last night a fire truck went past, sirens a-whirl, going the same direction I was.  Within about a block I could smell smoke, and see it just hanging in the air.  Then I began to wonder, where had the truck gone?

I turned down my street and there was the fire truck, down just far enough that in the dark I couldn't be sure of it's exact location.  (We live on a long block.)  I'm still walking; there are no obvious flames anywhere, and the truck is parked in a spot where it appears it could be in front of our apartment building.  The whole world is alternating dark and RED from the lights, and there are a few folks out on the sidewalks, obviously wondering what's going on.  I don't see much movement (is that good, is that bad?) and wonder if I'll even be able to get to my apartment this way, maybe I'll have to backtrack and go around the block. 

Then I reach the fire truck.  It's parked about two lots before ours, and it appears they're actually assisting on the other side of the street.  I can still smell smoke just slightly, but can't see any firemen or fire so I have no idea what's going on.  I walk past the truck to where the world is just dark, the red doesn't reach back here, and turn in the driveway to go home.
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