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Goal setting 2013 part one

First, a bit of housekeeping.  Whil kathrynrose is posting these daily so it would be possible to do all of the steps and come out with goals for the new year on Jan 1, I don’t plan to move through them that quickly.  One, because I’m already a few days behind, but also because I have another milestone / this-is-when-to-start-new-things type day coming up; I turn 40 in just over three weeks.  So I am committing to finishing this process by then

Okay, step one is about where you are now.  The original post is here for anyone who wants to see it (or maybe do it themselves).  I’ve been writing this in my head on and off since Kate’s original post, we’ll see how well it comes out.

Health – Overall, I am healthy.  Since the thyroidectomy I do take hormone pills daily, I’m not quite as perfect in my routine as I was the first two years, but I take them consistently and only very rarely miss a day.  I ran three half-marathons last year and am planning to do the same this year so my cardio health is high.  However, I really need to do more strength training / flexibility work.  I don’t think I could do a regular push up right now if you asked, and I know that strengthening my core would help with, well, everything really.  I weigh 155 and am 5’7” so I’m around average I guess but I would like to lose the paunch I have at my abdomen and a few pounds.  I do see my general care physicians:  gyno, dentist, eye dr, and endocrinologist regularly, but what I’m not good at is taking care of nagging problems unless they become debilitating.  I have several aches and pains that are becoming nearly constant, and I really need to go and see a chiro/PT/somebody about what they are and how to fix them, or at least be certain I’m not making them worse.  I have health insurance through the end of 2013 through my union, but right now nothing after that.

Education – I have two bachelor’s degrees, now both in areas I’m no longer pursing for work.  I just finished the final class to complete my certificate of achievement in accounting at a local community college, and will have a 4.0 from them.  I’ve always been good at school, but found myself frustrated with the other students and the teachers occasionally; I think after managing and organizing things for so long my expectations are perhaps too high.  I’m considering taking more classes, to explore some other areas.

Employment – I left the job I had for six years this past July.  After several months of occasional temping I have had my current job for about two months; it’s a temp-to-perm position as a receptionist/admin.  There is no official plan for when I go perm, and currently I have no benefits.  My income is lower than it was, but it’s enough to make due.  I like the other people in my office but find myself occasionally bored and frustrated with how little they’ve given me to do / the tasks I’m actually given.  I’m putting out about 50% effort and all of the feedback I’ve gotten so far has been hugely positive.  I am commuting in and out by train and haven’t missed it on the way in yet, though I’ve had to run for it a few times.

Daily Living – My car’s maintenance is up to date as of a lot of work last spring, and is a standard.  I’ve recently begun to enjoy cooking, and experimenting with new recipes, though I still don’t trust myself to invent anything.  Changing jobs has pointed out some deficiencies in my wardrobe which I’m working on; I tend to dress either too casually or too dressily for many things because I don’t own much in the business casual mode.  I can make basic household repairs, or know who to ask for help.  I tend to do basic house cleaning about once a week, though things tend to pile and I only get around to un-piling every few months.  I can do basic tasks with our electronics, though I have a new smart phone that I’ve only downloaded a half-dozen or so aps to, and really am not using all the functionality it has.  Interestingly my commute has me less in touch with the daily news, I used to listen to news radio in the car and haven’t found a good replacement for that yet.  I know where the fire extinguisher and  smoke alarm are, was once CPR certified and remember most of it, and could dog-paddle my way out of a lake.

Finances – I balance my checkbook monthly, match my credit card bill to the saved receipts, would never have bounced a check if not for a bank error in college, and pay all my bills on time.  I don’t have a budget per se, but I write down everything I spend in a notebook so I can see where my money has gone.  (I’ve been doing this since college and with the right notebook could tell you what I spent on any given day in the last 15 or so years.)  I have no debt and do my own taxes.  However, having recently been unemployed for several months I also have almost no savings left.  The new job isn’t bringing in what the old one did but I need to find a way to start re-establishing my safety savings.  I do put a small amount each month in a car savings account and in a house savings account (that one with J).  I have two small 401k accounts from previous jobs but put together they wouldn’t last a year.  I know I have a pension through the union, though I don’t really understand it, and may have life insurance through them too.  I don’t have a will.

Social – I live halfway across the country from my family.  I talk to my parents every few weeks on the phone and my brother not nearly often enough.  I get back to WI at least twice a year to see immediate family, and try to line up trips with family reunions or parties when I can to see aunts and uncles and cousins as well.  I like my family and am very lucky to have them.  My friends seem to fall into distinct social circles and don’t overlap.  I would like to see people more often, but distance, busy schedules, and an apartment that’s too small for much more than another couple get in the way.  I make a point of having lunch/dinner out with someone every few weeks, but it feels like I’m usually the one reaching out.  I’m not active in any charities, clubs or volunteering, and am only just starting to realize that would be possible after living a theater schedule for so long.  I prefer the internet or in person to the phone.  I read everything in my email and here on LJ, though I’m not always very good about responding.  J and I have been together for nearly six years, living together for three and a half.  We aren’t married and aren’t planning to be (more his call than mine though I’ve made my peace with it) and also don’t plan to have kids, but we have talked about where we plan to retire.

Leisure – I read (a lot now with time on the train), and enjoy watching tv and movies.  I knit and crochet, and have an embarrassing number of partially done projects around.  We take a vacation, that isn’t to see family, about twice a year.  J and I go for a walk around the local park most weekends.  I have a lot of craft supplies and books that I only rarely pull out.  I hit a point today where I didn't want to read another book (I've made it through three this week), nothing was on the tivo and there wasn't time for a movie and I felt lost.  I need to find another something.

Inspiration – I feel a little bereft in this area, honestly.  I was raised catholic but haven’t practiced in years (though I still find a well-done mass moving).  Mostly these days if I’m looking for something outside myself I find it in nature, either going for a day hike or just a walk.  Generally I am a happy and hopeful person, but sometimes I have black moods that are tough to snap out of and last anywhere from a few hours to a few days.  I try to live my life somewhere between the golden rule and the Wiccan rede, but I’m not sure how good at it I am.

This is long.  Thanks, if you make it all the way through.  In general, I think I feel like I’m in more of an upheaval than may come through – leaving theater was also leaving a lifestyle and a very specific schedule and that affected everything about how I lived my life for 12 years.  I’m still figuring out how life works on this schedule: when I can go out for a run, how to catch up with friends when I can’t easily meet them for lunch wherever they are, when to watch movies J doesn’t want to see, when to go to the laundromat.  It’s all working itself out, but nothing feels settled yet.

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