Rebecca (beeker121) wrote,

Goal setting 2013 part 2: winning words

Part two is all about daydreaming where you want to be in the somewhat distant future.  For some random reason, I chose eight years.  Here are the short phrases that describe what I see:

own a house with a yard
financially secure future
hiking regularly
movement without pain / no aches
hosting gatherings
super auntie
subscriber to theater / museums
part-time job
job with effort and enthusiasm*
new knitting
regular meeting with close friends
dress smartly

*I had trouble getting this thought streamlined - I want a job that I am excited to go to and that requires me to put out around 80% effort to keep up.

This list seems kind of ordinary and impossible at the same time.  Heh. 
Now I can go look at the step twos of everyone else playing along!  (I've been glancing at things people are posting, but found myself wanting to jump step two and go straight to three so I've been making myself skim and not get too sucked in to steps I haven't done yet.)
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