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Goal Setting 2013 part 3: sorting and prioritizing
So part three of the goal setting process is to sort out the ideas captured in step two into the categories from step one. 
kathrynrose explains it all here.  How mine sorted out:

Movement without pain / no aches

Research home buying / area likely moving to

Job that is exciting and engaging

Daily Living
Dress Smartly
Cooking regularly, experimenting with new recipes

Create a budget that incorporates saving goals
Financially secure future
Own a house with a yard

Regular meeting with close friends
Hosting gatherings

Creating things - knitting
Subscriber to Theater / Museums
Travel - just J and I

Hiking regularly

Things I find intriguing –
Running is such a part of my life now that it doesn’t seem like a goal I need to set here, it’s just going to happen. 
I had nothing in education on my first pass; I think I feel ‘done’ with that at the moment since I just finished my accounting certificate. 
Hiking landed under inspiration because that’s what I mostly get out of it, and also because otherwise the category is lacking.  I'm awfully tempted to add "figure out what else goes here" under inspiration, but that seems like cheating.  When I was imagining my future in the last step it didn't feel like anything was missing, but when I was breaking this down into categories it feels lacking right now

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Have you posted this before? because if not, I'm having a weird kind of deja vu reading the intriguing things at the bottom.

Nope, it just went live, though it's been on my computer all day. It feels a little like something I said at the end of step one, but otherwise, *shrug*?

No, right after I posted that comment I had a strangeweird thing happen, so it was probably deja vu. :)

That's kind of nifty. I always liked those moments when time isn't a straight line, as discombobulating as they can be. In the last several years I've had jamais vu way more often than the deja variety; once I'm back on solid ground I'm mildly awestruck by the whole experience.

I should remember that when it happens it's often right before a significant event. Me and remembering. I need to get better at it. ::boggle::

I hope if there was a significant event last night it was a happy one.

It was good. It freaked me out for a few minutes, because I periodically forget who I am. :) But once I calmed down, it was good. :)

Cool. I can relate to a lot of this. great list!

Now to finish the process so I can cross set goals off my to-do list, heh.

This is a great list. I think it's wonderful to be "all good" in an area and have that covered. I definitely wouldn't fill in something just for the sake of it being blank. I think you'll see it as a good thing in the next steps.

Best of luck to you! You're awesome!

Thank you! Yeah, I don't imagine I'm done with education forever but right now it just isn't at the top of the list.

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