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Goal Setting 2013 Part 4: mapping it out

Here is the original part 4 post, for any who are curious.

The most important/pressing goals in each category from step 3 are:

1Movement without pain / no aches
8Research home buying / area likely moving to
7Job that is exciting and engaging
5Dress smartly
2Create a budget that incorporates savings goals
3Regular meeting with close friends
4Creating things – knitting
6Hiking regularly

(Heh, as I was working on this I numbered the list up above, and figured I'd leave it)

Then comes prioritizing this list and narrowing it down to only 3-5 of these things to specifically work on.  This is difficult, having gotten this far I want to do all of it right now! It’s also tough because one of the things on the list (finding a job that is exciting and engaging) isn’t at the top of my priority list right now, even though I kind of feel like it should be.  Having just spent several months unemployed I want to revel in having a job to go to for a while longer before I start dealing with whether or not it’s the right job or path for me.  So while it shouldn’t be put off forever, I am putting it off right now.

Here are the goals I’m going to start mapping out.  Yes I chose five, but while #1 is huge, the other four all seem much more manageable.

Movement without pain / no aches
Create a budget that incorporates savings goals
Regular meetings with close friends
Creating things – knitting
Dress smartly

Now to start mapping each goal out into doable parts:

Movement without pain / no aches

  • Stretch every day
  • Use the foam roller every day
  • Research a new Chiropractor / Physical Therapist and make an appointment (If I can find one office that does both that would be awesome, but if not I think I need to see both types of docs while I figure out what I most need to do)
  • Schedule a massage (to get past the worst of the current achiness)
  • Create a 15-20 min at home routine for basic strength/flexibility (or hey, I could break the Wii fit back out, there was a time I was consistently doing that and it could be a good start) and actually do it
  • Research gyms near the office to see if any are feasible $ wise, if so join and make a plan to use it (could end up taking the place of at home strength/flexibility stuff)
  • Research yoga classes – either near work or home, but ideally a class I could get to once a week
  • Stretch out after every run
  • Buy new running shoes

(like I said, this was the huge one, and I already know I should be doing most of this, or do some of it half-assed, but it’s time {hello 40} to take care  of the body I’ve got so it will keep moving like I want it to as long as I’m around.)

Create a budget that incorporates savings goals

  • This one is kind of self-explanatory.  While I write down everything I spend so I can see where all my money goes I haven’t sat down and really looked at it from a big picture standpoint in a while, and definitely not since the new job.  So that’s the start.
  • I need to determine how much I want to save each month into my three accounts: someday a house, someday a new car, and general savings.
  • Where possible, create an automatic draw on my checking account to the various savings accounts so I know it’ll happen.
  • Look at IRA plans.
  • Talk with J about what I come up with. (While the house savings account is a joint one, otherwise we handle our finances separately even though we have started to think like a couple about money which is occasionally strange – ie. I have almost no savings left but J could cover me/us for a while.    So much communication is in order.)

Regular meetings with close friends

  • Create a list of my local friends who I want to see
  • Make a point of contacting them in a rotating fashion for lunches/tea/whatever
  • See if I can resurrect the monthly knitting gathering (some interpersonal stuff has happened in this group which might make that messy, but it’s worth a try)
  • Host a monthly game night with another couple

Creating things – knitting

  • Pull all of my current half-done projects, yarn matched to patterns but never started, and general yarn out of the closet where I can see it and make an accounting of what’s what.
  • Pick something and knit!
  • Aim to finish one project a month
  • Mix it up so I don’t make 12 pairs of socks

Dress smartly

  • Take stock of my current wardrobe
  • Donate things I haven’t worn in a year / own too many of
  • Collect catalogs and magazines for three months (totally arbitrary time-frame)
  • Cut up the catalogs and magazines and make collages of what I like
  • Compare collages to my current wardrobe, figure out what I need and don’t have
  • Possibly re-cull the wardrobe based on the image I’m aiming for
  • Shop thoughtfully to fill in the gaps

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This all looks like really good stuff here. Very smart and very hittable. Nice work. :-)

Thanks. Some of this has been in my head for a while and some of it required a lot of thought, but I'm glad it all looks doable. At this state it feels a little overwhelming.

or hey, I could break the Wii fit back out, there was a time I was consistently doing that and it could be a good start
Oh, you and me both...

I've been trying to get in 15 minutes of Wii Fit every morning (except when going for a run or going somewhere by bicycle in the morning). If nothing else, it leaves me a bit more energetic, and more motivated to exercise in the grander scheme of things...

That's very smart. I'm already getting up earlier than I ever used to with the new job, and even earlier than that seems... difficult. Maybe I should see if I can set up the Wii in a spare office at work.

Right? I really wish Wii fit had a feature where you could pick 8-12 things and it would string them together into a workout. Using the Wii it's not the exercise time but the waiting time in between that is hard.

I like the way you broke these down. I really love the collage idea.

I don't know if you're like me, but when you write up the step about digging out all your projects, you might want to make part of it also putting them back away once you have them sorted. I'm really bad about digging things out of boxes and then getting distracted while things are still all over.

Rock on!

Thanks, weirdly I've had the collage idea for a while, but never followed through on it.

Heh, very smart about adding the putting away, definitely doing that.

Wonderful list! Good luck!

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