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Goal Setting 2013 Part 4: mapping it out

Here is the original part 4 post, for any who are curious.

The most important/pressing goals in each category from step 3 are:

1Movement without pain / no aches
8Research home buying / area likely moving to
7Job that is exciting and engaging
5Dress smartly
2Create a budget that incorporates savings goals
3Regular meeting with close friends
4Creating things – knitting
6Hiking regularly

(Heh, as I was working on this I numbered the list up above, and figured I'd leave it)

Then comes prioritizing this list and narrowing it down to only 3-5 of these things to specifically work on.  This is difficult, having gotten this far I want to do all of it right now! It’s also tough because one of the things on the list (finding a job that is exciting and engaging) isn’t at the top of my priority list right now, even though I kind of feel like it should be.  Having just spent several months unemployed I want to revel in having a job to go to for a while longer before I start dealing with whether or not it’s the right job or path for me.  So while it shouldn’t be put off forever, I am putting it off right now.

Here are the goals I’m going to start mapping out.  Yes I chose five, but while #1 is huge, the other four all seem much more manageable.

Movement without pain / no aches
Create a budget that incorporates savings goals
Regular meetings with close friends
Creating things – knitting
Dress smartly

Now to start mapping each goal out into doable parts:

Movement without pain / no aches

  • Stretch every day
  • Use the foam roller every day
  • Research a new Chiropractor / Physical Therapist and make an appointment (If I can find one office that does both that would be awesome, but if not I think I need to see both types of docs while I figure out what I most need to do)
  • Schedule a massage (to get past the worst of the current achiness)
  • Create a 15-20 min at home routine for basic strength/flexibility (or hey, I could break the Wii fit back out, there was a time I was consistently doing that and it could be a good start) and actually do it
  • Research gyms near the office to see if any are feasible $ wise, if so join and make a plan to use it (could end up taking the place of at home strength/flexibility stuff)
  • Research yoga classes – either near work or home, but ideally a class I could get to once a week
  • Stretch out after every run
  • Buy new running shoes

(like I said, this was the huge one, and I already know I should be doing most of this, or do some of it half-assed, but it’s time {hello 40} to take care  of the body I’ve got so it will keep moving like I want it to as long as I’m around.)

Create a budget that incorporates savings goals

  • This one is kind of self-explanatory.  While I write down everything I spend so I can see where all my money goes I haven’t sat down and really looked at it from a big picture standpoint in a while, and definitely not since the new job.  So that’s the start.
  • I need to determine how much I want to save each month into my three accounts: someday a house, someday a new car, and general savings.
  • Where possible, create an automatic draw on my checking account to the various savings accounts so I know it’ll happen.
  • Look at IRA plans.
  • Talk with J about what I come up with. (While the house savings account is a joint one, otherwise we handle our finances separately even though we have started to think like a couple about money which is occasionally strange – ie. I have almost no savings left but J could cover me/us for a while.    So much communication is in order.)

Regular meetings with close friends

  • Create a list of my local friends who I want to see
  • Make a point of contacting them in a rotating fashion for lunches/tea/whatever
  • See if I can resurrect the monthly knitting gathering (some interpersonal stuff has happened in this group which might make that messy, but it’s worth a try)
  • Host a monthly game night with another couple

Creating things – knitting

  • Pull all of my current half-done projects, yarn matched to patterns but never started, and general yarn out of the closet where I can see it and make an accounting of what’s what.
  • Pick something and knit!
  • Aim to finish one project a month
  • Mix it up so I don’t make 12 pairs of socks

Dress smartly

  • Take stock of my current wardrobe
  • Donate things I haven’t worn in a year / own too many of
  • Collect catalogs and magazines for three months (totally arbitrary time-frame)
  • Cut up the catalogs and magazines and make collages of what I like
  • Compare collages to my current wardrobe, figure out what I need and don’t have
  • Possibly re-cull the wardrobe based on the image I’m aiming for
  • Shop thoughtfully to fill in the gaps
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