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goals - checking in week 1

  1. Start each day with a sun salutation.  Done.  Wow are my toes far away at 6:15am.
  2. Stretch out after every run.  Done! I'm super excited about this one (and ran 24 miles last week - oof).
  3. After every run minus one per week do longer workout.  Total fail.**
  4. Create a list of the people I’d invite if I were having a big birthday party this year by January 12. Done!
  5. Use that list to start contacting friends, actually meet with one person/couple a week.  Nope, but the list is made and plans are afoot.
  6. Create a list of all my expenses by month and quarter, use that to budget what I’m putting in savings through March.  Complete by Jan 21.  Not yet, but I still have time.  J and I did have a money discussion this weekend which was good.
  7. Schedule and go to a massage before the end of January. I have a gift certificate to use, and have to figure out where it's good.
  8. Finish the dragon I began knitting in 2009 by the end of January. Heh, well I picked my knitting back up last week, but the unfinished poncho, not the dragon.
  9. Find an out of the way spot to begin keeping all of the clothing catalogs that arrive for eventual wardrobe inspiration.  Done!
**This is the same issue I've always had with adding a workout other than running to my schedule.  Adding something after a run makes sense, I'm already in workout clothes and sweaty.  But these days by the time I take the train, walk home, change, and get out the door it's 6:45 when I leave.  By the time I'm back I just want to stretch, shower, and eat.  Adding something on non-running days is hard because that is me-time that I guard pretty jealously.  I just haven't found the magical combination of time and motivation to really make this stick yet.

Overall, I feel pretty good about the week.
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