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- I got up Sunday morning to go for a trail run and had to scrape ice off the windshield and let the car warmup before I could leave.  In California.  I realize most of you deal with a lot more winter than I do, but I am out of practice.

- J and I recently got a new set of super nice kitchen knives with some holiday money from my parents (thanks again!).  I have now cut myself twice with them, doing essentially the same thing both times - different knives though.  I was slicing down through an onion but the knife skipped off the vegetable and bounced onto the hand that was holding the onion in place, cutting a finger.  J did buy us one of the super cool mesh protection gloves which I obviously need to get into the habit of using, but also apparently I need lessons in the correct way to use kitchen knives. 

- We stayed in SF after work last week to go to the Jasper Johns exhibit at the SFMoMA.  That exhibit, and the others we had time to walk through, were wonderful.  I'll have to keep an eye on their exhibit schedule, I forget how much I enjoy museums.

- The job is promising to get more interesting in a few weeks, with new tasks added and hopefully a new big project too.  But until that time things are slow for me.  Anyone have good back of the internet places I should check out?

- I did not get a flu shot this year.  I tend toward healthy (famous last words) and working in a super small office is in my favor, commuting by train however means I'm exposed to a lot more.  There was a big run on the vaccine around here last week with a few places running out.  I would have to pay for it, and can't quite decide if it's worth searching out or not.
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