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Goal check in
  1. Start each day with a sun salutation.  Done.  I have to be careful about forgetting on the weekends when my mornings are less routine-ified.
  2. Stretch out after every run.  Done!
  3. After every run minus one per week do longer workout.  Nope**
  4. Use that list to start contacting friends, actually meet with one person/couple a week.  I went to opening of the latest TW show on Saturday night and had a chance to chat with various people.  It wasn't super in depth, but it was social.
  5. Create a list of all my expenses by month and quarter, use that to budget what I’m putting in savings through March.  Complete by Jan 21.  Done.  It's a nifty excel spreadsheet with lots of formulas so I can change one number and see what happens.  My finances are about what I expected (tight but workable), and don't leave a whole lot of spare room for extra savings right now.  But J and I are still talking and he built his own spreadsheet after seeing mine, so we're on the right course.
  6. Schedule and go to a massage before the end of January. I found a place to go, still haven't called.
  7. Finish the dragon I began knitting in 2009 by the end of January. I should probably change this to general knitting, I finished two and a half repeats of the pattern on the poncho last week (11 repeats total) so I'm back in a groove, just on a different project.
**I need to re-evaluate this goal.  Taking advice from several folks, I need to break this down even further; maybe spread the exercises out so I do the entire workout every week, one or two bits a day, or find something slightly different.  But instead of one big thing three days a week I think I need to find a ten minute thing to do six days a week.  What I need to do is make a new plan and get it written down somewhere, right now it's all nebulous intent.  So goal #3 for this week is actually to figure this out.

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Go you!

I just googled "ten minute exercise" and got a ton of things, so maybe you could make an objective to review several and pick one, then just add that to your run.

::shakes pom poms:: you're doing great!

Thanks for the support and the tip, that is super smart.

Also, out of curiosity what color do you imagine your pom poms are?

Well, it's not the color I would have chosen, but Allison once referred to them as my pink sparkly pom poms, so there you go.

Ah, got it. I will imagine pink sparkly pom poms from now on. (Though if you wanted to make them a different color I would be cool with that too.)

Yes! tiny bites, tiny steps, whatever tools get you in!! And I love spreadsheets, too!

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