Rebecca (beeker121) wrote,

Goal check in

  1. Start each day with a sun salutation.  Done.  I think this is getting close to a habit.
  2. Stretch out after every run.  Almost, I ran a race on Saturday** and post-race it's harder to find space and time to carefully stretch out.
  3. Research exercises that I can do in small time-frames (10 min) and create a daily?/3xweek? routine that will help with strength and flexibility.  Complete by February 10th.***
  4. Use my pseudo birthday party list to start contacting friends, actually meet with one person/couple a week.  J and I went out to a pub trivia night with one couple, and caught up with another for dinner on Saturday!
  5. Budgeting.  Done as written but now: wedding.  Which is a whole new can of worms.  Which I am ignoring for several weeks, letting the information I have percolate for a while.
  6. Schedule and go to a massage before the end of January. Still haven't called and definitely won't get in before the end of the month.  Boo!  Looking at my calendar I need to call and get something set up for the weekend of Feb 9-10.
  7. Keep knitting regularly on the poncho, finish by the end of February.  That means finish all of the weaving ends in and seaming, not just finish the knitting.  Next project up is the dragon. Yup, doing well.  The pattern is into the 9th repeat out of 11.
**Race!  I ran a 10k on Saturday along with J, it was his first race ever.  I was faster than I was on the same course last year, though not close to my overall 10k PR time.  It was a beautiful morning for a run, and we did walk the two miles back to the car after (they had shuttles but the line was long) which isn't exactly stretching, but close.
***This is a change from before, it's time to put something together myself, which might help it stick

I also had some goals that were due in February, so I will re-evaluate and add them to the weekly list next time.  A few things may bump later to accommodate changes that have already occurred.
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