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Goal check-in
I'm amused that somehow this has become a thing I do on Tuesdays. 
  1. Start each day with a sun salutation.  I missed the two days we were in Santa Barbara visiting J's dad.  They have a single cup coffee maker and I realized while the coffee is brewing is usually the time I do this
  2. Stretch out after every run.  I missed one, the night I was making dinner after.
  3. Research exercises that I can do in small time-frames (10 min) and create a daily?/3xweek? routine that will help with strength and flexibility. Complete by February 10th.  Not yet, but I have until this weekend.
  4. Use my pseudo birthday party list to start contacting friends, actually meet with one person/couple a week.  We had a knitting night last Monday so I got to see several girlfriends at once, yay!
  5. Schedule and go to a massage before the end of January. Massage is happening this Saturday.
  6. Keep knitting regularly on the poncho, finish by the end of February.  That means finish all of the weaving ends in and seaming, not just finish the knitting.  Next project up is the dragon. Still knitting.
  7. Research a new chiropractor / physical therapist and make an appointment by the end of February.  I've been putting this off forever - it's time to get it done.
I had two other February goals originally: sorting all of my knitting projects and going through my clothes to pull anything I haven't worn in a while.  But February is a short month and I'm out of town for two weekends, so being realistic I'm bumping both things to March.  And I'm still ignoring wedding, though I really can't do that for very much longer

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Go you!

And #7 could probably be accomplished in an hour and then you could reward yourself with something nice :)


And yes #7 isn't that difficult, but I've developed some mental block about it.

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