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Now that I've been commuting for a while, I've noticed a pattern. 

I read on the train(s) most days, actual paper books.  We own plenty that I haven't read yet, and the extra weight doesn't bother me.  I also read at lunch sometimes; it depends on whether the other person in the office is having lunch at the same time and we can chat, or if I need to run errands, or what.  All together this adds up to a lot of reading time a day, which is awesome!  Except...

I keep finishing books on the morning commute, or at lunch.  Leaving me with nothing to read on the way home.  A few times I've realized I'm close enough to the end of a book to plan and bring a new one too, but more often than not I finish a book on the morning train and am a little sad.  I can entertain myself with the scenery or my phone on the way home, but reading has become enough of a habit that it feels weird to not have a book in my hands.  Maybe I need to bring a safety book to the office, just in case.
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