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As of last night I can check off one of the silly things I try to accomplish every year:  I have seen all of the movies nominated for Best Picture by the Academy.  (In the longer term see all the best picture nominees since I was born I'm at 1979-present, I think.)

I enjoy movies in general, and usually all of the nominated movies are worth the time, even if they may not be my particular cup of tea, though there are a few I just can't figure out.  This year, however, they're all worth seeing.  If I were voting from these nine nominees I say Argo.  What do you think?

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I've only seen three of the nominees, and my pick is Zero Dark Thirty. I was much more into it than Argo. I'm still not quite sure what the Big Deal about Argo is, although I enjoyed it.

You aren't the only person I know who enjoyed Argo but is a little meh. I have the same issues with Zero Dark Thirty that I had with Lincoln interestingly: both felt a little draggy in spots and a bit like, well, eating your vegetables. You know this is good for you, you should know this. They're also both very good movies, I certainly am less passionate about who wins this year because I could make a case for several of them.

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