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of course I'm right handed

So, I went for a run last night after work.  It felt good to get out, I had taken the previous week pretty easy due to an achy knee and traveling to WI.  I passed J walking back from the train and we chatted for a brief second before I went on.  I was 2.5 ish miles into my 4.5 mile run when it happened.  I fell.

Now this was not a dainty fall, or a step wrong and windmill to regain balance.  My toe caught on something and the next thing I knew I was flat on the ground.  It was shocking and it hurt and I stayed stretched on the sidewalk for a moment before I got up.  I could see that I had scraped my left knee badly, and my right hand and arm just hurt.  I started walking home (what else could I do), alternately letting my right arm hang by my side and using my left arm to cradle it close to my body.  When I made it to the apartment J took off my glove and the hand had started to swell, though it wasn't very discolored yet.  He got me ice and ibuprofen, but after 20 minutes or so I was pretty certain I should go to the ER.

Everyone there was nice, but it was a busy night and slow.  They did x-rays of my R hand and elbow and my L knee.  My knee is messy and bruised, but otherwise fine.  I broke the metacarpal bone just below the ring finger bottom knuckle, and the radial head (essentially part of my elbow).  I have road rash in addition to the knee on my left elbow, right shoulder, chin, and right cheekbone.  I feel like a clumsy fool.

The ER doc reduced the fracture after giving me some morphine.  Holy hell, someone pulling on / manipulating your broken hand is high on the pain scale.

I am in a temporary cast that holds my right arm bent at a 90 degree angle and goes from my fingertips to a few inches above my elbow, and that is inside a sling.  I see an orthopedist on Monday to find out what's next.  Both of my breaks are unusual which cool, I guess?

I just can't believe I broke my hand/elbow running.  <sigh>
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