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of course I'm right handed
mr yuk
So, I went for a run last night after work.  It felt good to get out, I had taken the previous week pretty easy due to an achy knee and traveling to WI.  I passed J walking back from the train and we chatted for a brief second before I went on.  I was 2.5 ish miles into my 4.5 mile run when it happened.  I fell.

Now this was not a dainty fall, or a step wrong and windmill to regain balance.  My toe caught on something and the next thing I knew I was flat on the ground.  It was shocking and it hurt and I stayed stretched on the sidewalk for a moment before I got up.  I could see that I had scraped my left knee badly, and my right hand and arm just hurt.  I started walking home (what else could I do), alternately letting my right arm hang by my side and using my left arm to cradle it close to my body.  When I made it to the apartment J took off my glove and the hand had started to swell, though it wasn't very discolored yet.  He got me ice and ibuprofen, but after 20 minutes or so I was pretty certain I should go to the ER.

Everyone there was nice, but it was a busy night and slow.  They did x-rays of my R hand and elbow and my L knee.  My knee is messy and bruised, but otherwise fine.  I broke the metacarpal bone just below the ring finger bottom knuckle, and the radial head (essentially part of my elbow).  I have road rash in addition to the knee on my left elbow, right shoulder, chin, and right cheekbone.  I feel like a clumsy fool.

The ER doc reduced the fracture after giving me some morphine.  Holy hell, someone pulling on / manipulating your broken hand is high on the pain scale.

I am in a temporary cast that holds my right arm bent at a 90 degree angle and goes from my fingertips to a few inches above my elbow, and that is inside a sling.  I see an orthopedist on Monday to find out what's next.  Both of my breaks are unusual which cool, I guess?

I just can't believe I broke my hand/elbow running.  <sigh>

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Oh, ouch!

Broken bits are the worst. I hope you heal quickly.</p>


Owwww, you poor thing! Hopefully you're not plastered up for too long.

Holy crap, that sucks! I didn't even know you could break your elbow. Way to go.

Ugh, I hope you recover in a reasonable amount of time.

I have to admit that was a pretty clever way to break things ;)

Nevertheless -- OMG, OW OW OW OW! Especially the elbow :shudder:

Here's to (relatively) speedy healing!

Ouch! Hope it heals soon...

Oh my goodness, that all sounds so terrible!!! And PAINFUL. It sucks that it's your right hand too. Hope you feel better soon and heal quickly.

So sorry to hear it! Good wishes for a speedy recovery!

Boooo. :( So sorry! I can feel your pain...the memory of that kind of thing never goes away I think. Just remember that the actual pain does go away eventually...promise. :)

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