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Goals on hold
I found my last to-do list* from just before I fell and one of the things on it was to do my goal check-in post.  This is probably obvious but with the broken hand/elbow I'm putting my goals on hold for March.  Several of them I simply can't do right now:  daily sun salutation, stretching after I run (no running yet), adding more strength/flexibility exercises to my routine, knitting.  Others are fairly different in this new context.  I'm about to have a new PT for the elbow, and hopefully will love whoever my orthopedist typically works with.  If not, it will be slightly easier to start the conversation with "While there are other slightly nebulous issues I'd like to address eventually, first up I need to be able to straighten my right arm."  (I think part of the reason I kept putting this off was the "slightly nebulous" thing, nothing was hugely wrong so maybe the people I'd be talking to would think I was over-reacting, even though I know my body well enough to know that things weren't right either.  Somehow being actually broken makes this feel way easier.)  As for seeing friends we've managed to stay fairly social, but since I can't drive right now planning involves several extra steps, which doesn't mean I'm going to be a hermit, but makes weekly a little harder.

So, depending on the exact timeline of my hand getting back to normal, I will reassess and update goals by April 15.  That is right around the three month point when I was planning to reassess and update anyway, it'll just be a little more of a re-start for me.

re: exercising - I am walking every day and doing my elbow exercises.  I am at the point where I feel well enough to start other things but want to talk to my doc, obviously my right hand can't take any weight or grip very well currently, and other stuff like lunges, well I'm afraid of losing my balance with only a broken hand to catch me.  This might be the motivation to finally get a gym membership since elliptical machines and stationary bikes are likely my friends, even treadmills since they pose fewer tripping hazards - heh.

*speaking of to-do lists, I am the type of person who usually keeps several.  Most recently my habit had been to use the back of paper to be recycled to keep both a daily and a sometime-this week to-do list that I crossed things off of added onto daily.  Not being able to write easily (I can write with my left hand; it looks like 4th grade cursive and it's slow) has meant I haven't had a daily to-do list for a while and it's driving me a bit nuts.  Does anyone know of a good Android Ap for this?  My right thumb is functional so with the pullout keyboard on my phone I'm pretty quick, and I can read typing when I come back to it, my current handwriting that's not always true.

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The app I use is only for Mac :( But a casual look shows Astrid looking very popular and well-reviewed.

I've heard good things about Evernote, but it may be more list than you need?

Thanks for the suggestions!

I could always start carrying the fiance's ipad for the duration, he doesn't use it much - heh.

I swear by Things by Cultured Code. There's a video online of how it all works - it syncs to my computer, I can move tasks from day to day, schedule projects, I LOVE IT. It's expensive, but worthwhile.

If you want something more basic, there's a Notes function already on the iPad!


And there's a free trial for Mac :)

I keep my to-do lists, shopping lists, packing lists and every other kind of list on Inkpad Notepad. I use the free version and love it. One of my favorite bits is that you can make a "regular" note or a list with checkboxes that crosses items off when you check them, and there's an "uncheck all" option so I can use the same daily to-do list each day. It's become one of my can't-live-without-it apps. I tried Evernote and it was much bigger and more complex than I needed. I love the simplicity of Inkpad Notepad.

/rave review

Thanks so much for the tip, I will check it out! I've got three more weeks of no right hand, who knows by then I may fall in love with a new e-list system and never go back to paper.

I completely understand where you are coming from! I've used Remember the Milk with good results.

Thanks for the suggestion! I need to go on a fact finding mission for list aps this weekend.

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