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Happy Friday everyone!

I realized I owe an update on the latest in broken bone-ness.  I saw the orthopedist on Wednesday; the latest x-rays look good.  He’s very happy with the bone alignment and I could barely see the break point in the x-ray, though the large pins in my hand were a bit disconcerting.  He unwrapped the cover (essentially an ace wrap) took the ‘cast’ off (it’s a hard piece that goes over the top of my hand/wrist and wraps around the sides, but the palm/bottom isn’t covered) and removed the various padding / cut off the bandages.

Underneath I have a hand!  The swelling is mostly gone, though it’s still impressively bruised, and the orange tinge from the iodine doesn’t help with that.  The pins look a bit like thick paper clips with white plastic coating the ends ending in a small round – think the pegs in the game of Life.  They go in just below the bottom finger knuckle and protrude about an inch.  He checked their entry points and left them taped in place, though he did rotate one slightly, it had been digging into the side of my pinky finger.  I would have loved to give the hand a good wash, maybe clean off the marker indicating which finger to operate on, but no go.  He replaced the brace / cast piece and wrapped it back in place, a little loser at the wrist side this time so I can do my elbow exercises.

I go back on April 3 to get the pins out (four weeks from the date of surgery, five weeks from the fall).  At that point the brace/cast will be gone, and the focus will change from healing bones to serious physical therapy.  Until that time no running, though I’m welcome to walk or get on a stationary bike.  Basically I can be as active as I want without too much jostling, and of course not stressing out the hand.  I can drive if I feel confident I can control the vehicle but between my standard and J’s big truck I think I’m going to stick with public transit.

I feel fine, other than the continuing awkward of being left / one-handed.  I’m done with pain medication and I’ve given up on the sling entirely at this point.  Currently my right hand looks a little like I’m wearing a training boxing glove, it’s bulkiest on top of my hand and I can curl my fingers under.  And … (if you're squeamish, stop reading until the next paragraph) you can just see the white tips of the pins on either side of my ring finger under the brace.  It looks a bit like antenna or eyes, so I’m going with the idea that I have a pixar-looking friendly bug sitting on my hand making it all better.

So that’s my news.  I hope everyone has a safe weekend, and be careful where you put your feet.

PS.  VERONICA MARS MOVIE!!  That is all.
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