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small victories
This morning, I put on my own bra, all by myself.


I realize this is a slightly silly thing to celebrate, but reclaiming small pieces of mobility and normalcy is awesome.  Since I broke my hand I've mostly been wearing those spaghetti strapped tank tops with a shelf bra under everything, or J has had to help me get dressed.

I still can't tie shoes, put my contacts in, or put makeup on.  I suppose I could attempt makeup, but left-handed and blind means I'm better without.  I have one hairstyle for the duration (a bandana or fabric buff with clippies so it stays), and am rotating through the three pairs of pants I know I can button and zip without help.  I can take a shower solo but need help both before (getting my right arm bagged and banded so the brace doesn't get wet) and after (you try getting your left arm dry holding the towel in your left hand).

But I can put on a bra.  Today is fantastic.

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Wow...Even working with someone who's had a nonworking hand for the past three months, it never occurred to me all the things that would be hard or impossible to do!

Honestly, I'm still running across things that never occurred to me. And at least some of these issues are more about the brace than the hand.

Still, a whole section of my closet just became possible again, which is a good thing.

Well, that is something.

Have you had trouble typing since the accident?

Indeed it is.

Mostly typing is just slow. My left hand still hovers at the classic home position for touch typing - when I find the occasional word all in the left hand letters it makes me irrationally happy - and moves to hunt and peck all the right hand letters with an index finger. I do re-read stuff more carefully to catch the inevitable typos, but, yeah, mostly just slow.

Baby steps! Slow but steady progress - good deal! {{{hugs}}}

Exactly. After posting this yesterday I also discovered that I can hold a stemmed wine glass in my right hand, leaving the left available for other things! I suppose one of the good things to come out of this is a new awareness and gratitude for dexterity.

that sounds like a big win to me

It makes me so happy. Luckily I owned several of those tank tops but it's nice to have more options again.

Well done! Small steps can make a world of difference sometimes...

Indeed. I have a feeling I will discover more unusual things to celebrate as this healing process goes along.

The first time I was able to walk my trash can down to the curb by myself I was ecstatic. Even years later, that stupid, annoying chore still made me happy.

I really get it. There's something about the reclamation of a thing that was done so casually before that is awesome.

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