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not what I had planned
mirror girl  Rockwell
Yesterday was the Oakland race I had planned to be running.  It was to be my first half-marathon of the year, my training was going well, and I had hopes of maybe even setting a new PR.

Instead I spent yesterday morning with coffee and comic books.  Not a bad morning by any means, but not what I had planned.

Tomorrow is four weeks since I broke things.  My elbow goes flat with a little help, and the exercises are getting a bit easier.  The scab came off my knee over the weekend leaving me with two patches of very shiny, pink, rough skin.  My hand has started to ache a little more; my theory is now that it's had some time to heal the big stuff the fact that the pins are foreign material is more obvious, since the ache is usually around them.  I've been taking lots of walks.

In eight days the pins come out.  I'm avoiding thinking about exactly what that means since I'll be left with two holes in my hand (and open tracts where the pins were, maybe? ew).  I'm ready for the next step of this process now, so I'm working on my patience.

ETA:  making sure I keep this bit of silliness-

Look at all the neat stuff you could still type when your hand was broken.
We were arrested after dad ate deer eggs

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They are not going to cover the holes?

I'm sure I'll get at least band-aids; I've just been realizing I was asleep when the pins went in and I don't really know what's involved with taking them out, or how long that will take to heal. It's just me, freaking out a little.

You've been in my thoughts. Hugs to you.

Thanks lady. This whole thing has been slightly absurd, I'm grateful that so many folks have been thinking happy thoughts for me.

Sending you good wishes for a non-gross recovery :)

Hee, this made me laugh out loud. A non-gross recovery is exactly what I want, thanks for finding the right words for me.

When I had my breaks I had internal screws that were supposed to just stay in forever, but I asked them to take them out after a year because I was still having pain and I thought they were the cause. After that kind of injury you're going to have a lot of scar tissue build up and I think sometimes the scar tissues builds up around the foreign objects like the screws. I don't really know though, that's mostly just my theory. Things didn't get immediately better after my screws were out, but of course they came out by means of another surgery, so that makes sense. My ankle almost never hurts anymore now though, so it does get better. Good luck with getting your pins out...just another step forwards! :)

Yeah I think the ache is partially the pins/scar tissue and partially the fact that most of my hand and wrist are fine but have been immobilized for a month. I'm looking forward to whatever is next.

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