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commute story
So I had thought we'd have the wedding and then everything would just snap back to normal, and other than thank yous I wouldn't be spending most of my time thinking about wedding stuff anymore.  I was wrong.

I keep meaning to write and keep not making time, which is bad.  I may jump into the mini-nano blog posting thing I've seen on a few friends journals and use it to get me back into the groove.  But meanwhile have a story from my new commute this morning*.

I was in my car, nearly to the BART station.  (I now drive over a bridge and then BART my way north.)  I was at a stoplight and my right eye felt like it had something in it.  I blinked several times, and then rubbed my eye slightly.  When I opened back up things had gone partially blurry.  I looked far to the left and far to the right figuring that my contact had just moved out of place and then glanced in the rear view mirror and realized that nope, my contact was hanging in my eyelashes.  I went to grab it and it fell into my lap.  The light turned green.

Luckily I'm not in a lot of traffic on my commute, and with one contact still in I could mostly see.  I alternated between closing my right eye so everything was sharp but my peripheral vision was awful, or just leaving both eyes open in which case my brain combined one corrected eye with one non-corrected by making everything a little blurry.  It would have been unworkable in the dark, or on roads I didn't know, but daylight savings time means it's now just light out when I leave and I've been doing the drive for three weeks.  Six or so blocks later I pulled into the garage and parked.

By that point my contact had been out of my eye for two-ish minutes and I didn't have any solution with me.  I wear disposable contacts and these were four or so weeks in so I probably should have been tossing them anyway.  Luckily I keep an old pair of glasses in my backpack (moment of utter panic, had I put them back in after traveling for the wedding?) so once I was stopped I took the left contact out too, and put my glasses on.

Lesson: always have a backup way of seeing.

* So in addition to getting married, my office moved from SF to Berkeley and I got a new job title.  All of the transitions, all at once!

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I haven't been checking LJ as much recently so if there was a detailed post about your getting married I missed it (and please link me to it?).

I am a terrible LJ friend. HUGE congratulations and I wish you a long and happy married life together xx

All you've missed so far was a photo: http://beeker121.livejournal.com/224841.html

In the middle of all the planning I couldn't quite bring myself to write about it, and I haven't written an account of the day yet which I really need to do.

Thank you for the good wishes!

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