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LJI:0 Introduction
I don't have a Facebook account, which these days occasionally makes me wonder if I actually exist.

Back in the days when social networks on the internet were still relatively new I had joined several, most of which have now been lost in the pixels of long ago and broken code.

On one of those sites a good friend from college, one of my roommates senior year, posted a testimonial that I've kept written down on paper in a safe place.  It reads:

"Dear, sweet, genuine, intelligent, beautiful, hard-ass bitch, and a dear old friend."

I try and live up, or sometimes down, to that sentence every day.

You can add my friendster, if you want! Okay. You can't. But I'm sure my myspace account is still working. I quit Facebook in July, 2012, and it was the best decision of the past 5 years, I think.

I said that twitter is the place for people who like to think they're writers but don't want to write, and facebook is the place for bloggers that want nothing to do with blogging.

That's why we should be right where we are. Have a good LJ Idol!

I think this was on friendster, actually.

We are indeed in just the right place. Hope your LJ Idol is wonderful.

That sounds like an excellent sentence to live by. Good luck this season!


Yeah, another friend actually had it printed on a set of silly business cards for me. Though I did have to be careful about who I handed them too.

Best of luck to you!

Ohhhhh, Facebook - "I wish I could quit you!" :(

Happy to see you here, if I didn't say that before but I'm sure I did. Squeeee!!You show up on my google chat list but you're always listed as "away." This is better, even though I seriously question whether I'm going to last longer than a few weeks this time. Just too many time commitments! We'll see...

I haven't gone into google chat since they did the whole circle-thing update, sorry.

I'm thrilled you're here too, and I agree about not knowing how this season will work out, but I couldn't not be here.

Nice..:)..short and sweet!!

Having done this before and attempting to read 300ish entries I think in the early stages short is a virtue.


Not having a Facebook account is an interesting line to start with. I think it says a lot about a person - or at least opens up a lot of questions about them.

I love how solid & concise this intro was. It all worked together - in of course a very unassuming way - really well.

Not being on Facebook comes up a surprising amount, from people realizing I didn't see an invite to their party or really don't know their latest news. Honestly I was lazy at first, then by the time I was thinking it was worth joining the privacy backlash started and I decided to stay out.

Thanks for the kind words!

I love it! What a great testimonial.

I think Ian would be shocked if he realized I had made a point of not losing that quote.

"I don't have a Facebook account, which these days occasionally makes me wonder if I actually exist."

That's how I've felt at times since I deleted my Facebook account - but I still don't want to go back there again.

That's a great testimonial. I remember on myspace, the nice things we'd all say to one another. Then the pages got all cluttered and the site went dead and everyone was on to the next thing.

I'm glad LJ is still here. Good luck with LJ Idol!

There are things about Facebook that I can see would be handy, but having survived without it this long I don't feel much of a pull.

LJ is definitely where I belong. Good luck yourself!

(Deleted comment)
The first time I saw it I was offended for about half a second, then I realized "yup, pretty much it".

Your icon is adorable.

I wish to quit Facebook some day. Yay you!

I'm honestly glad I never joined, mostly because leaving once you're there seems so much harder.

I wish I could quit Facebook but it is the only way some people have of keeping up with me.

I love that testimonial!

There are people I've lost to the internets because I'm not there, mostly folks who've left LJ actually, and I feel a little bad. But I'm a little afraid to jump in now.


Your friend came up with quite the summary - I like it. :)

not having FB is SO SENSIBLE. *points to self* not sensible.

It was less about being sensible then about being slow. Then it was about being bloody-minded (I was still in theatre and all of the actors were using it so rehearsal day one would be all about everyone friending each other and all I could think was "I've known you for 20 minutes, we're not friends yet"). Then at the point where I thought maybe I was being stupid all the privacy concerns got loud and I decided I was good as is.