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LJI:0 Introduction
I don't have a Facebook account, which these days occasionally makes me wonder if I actually exist.

Back in the days when social networks on the internet were still relatively new I had joined several, most of which have now been lost in the pixels of long ago and broken code.

On one of those sites a good friend from college, one of my roommates senior year, posted a testimonial that I've kept written down on paper in a safe place.  It reads:

"Dear, sweet, genuine, intelligent, beautiful, hard-ass bitch, and a dear old friend."

I try and live up, or sometimes down, to that sentence every day.

Those are pretty powerful words!

Right? I think he just tossed them off, too.

Sometimes a simple sentence like that describing you sums it up nicely, doesn't it? Good to see you again Beeker! I love those two characters *grin*

Wonderful to see you again!

Yeah, it's a great turn of phrase, and it's short. In the early days of the Idol monstrosity I figure short is a goodness.

An awesome phrase to live up (or down) to. Kind of a gift, wasn't it?

Honestly, yes it was a gift, though I hadn't thought of it exactly like that before now. So thank you, too.

Brief but wonderful!

I love that testimonial. :D

I always admire people who don't have/never use facebook. It's probably for the better! Good to see you here again!

Amusingly it's always been more laziness than any kind of principled stand.

Great to see you back too!

What a great thing to live up/down to :)

I don't have a FB either.