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LJI:0 Introduction
I don't have a Facebook account, which these days occasionally makes me wonder if I actually exist.

Back in the days when social networks on the internet were still relatively new I had joined several, most of which have now been lost in the pixels of long ago and broken code.

On one of those sites a good friend from college, one of my roommates senior year, posted a testimonial that I've kept written down on paper in a safe place.  It reads:

"Dear, sweet, genuine, intelligent, beautiful, hard-ass bitch, and a dear old friend."

I try and live up, or sometimes down, to that sentence every day.

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You can add my friendster, if you want! Okay. You can't. But I'm sure my myspace account is still working. I quit Facebook in July, 2012, and it was the best decision of the past 5 years, I think.

I said that twitter is the place for people who like to think they're writers but don't want to write, and facebook is the place for bloggers that want nothing to do with blogging.

That's why we should be right where we are. Have a good LJ Idol!

I think this was on friendster, actually.

We are indeed in just the right place. Hope your LJ Idol is wonderful.

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