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LJI:0 Introduction
I don't have a Facebook account, which these days occasionally makes me wonder if I actually exist.

Back in the days when social networks on the internet were still relatively new I had joined several, most of which have now been lost in the pixels of long ago and broken code.

On one of those sites a good friend from college, one of my roommates senior year, posted a testimonial that I've kept written down on paper in a safe place.  It reads:

"Dear, sweet, genuine, intelligent, beautiful, hard-ass bitch, and a dear old friend."

I try and live up, or sometimes down, to that sentence every day.

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It was less about being sensible then about being slow. Then it was about being bloody-minded (I was still in theatre and all of the actors were using it so rehearsal day one would be all about everyone friending each other and all I could think was "I've known you for 20 minutes, we're not friends yet"). Then at the point where I thought maybe I was being stupid all the privacy concerns got loud and I decided I was good as is.

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