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LJI:2 The Missing Stair
 I must have been around eight years old.  We were Up North at my Grandma R’s. Several of my mom’s sisters were over too and everyone was telling stories in the kitchen.  I mostly just listened to these weird tales of when my mom wasn’t my mom yet.

They complained that Grandma used to pull their hair when she brushed it, but I didn’t believe it because she never pulled mine.  They told on each other about which sister kicked or moaned in their sleep when they had to share a bed.  They had two bedrooms for six kids, no one slept alone.  I only had one brother and my own room, so the stories they told were strange glimpses of another world, and one story in particular fascinated me.

Mom talked about being really annoyed at Grandma for something and sticking her tongue out to express it, which got her a slap.  So after that Mom said she always climbed the stairs first, and then she’d turn around and stick her tongue out.  She felt like she was getting away with something and Grandma never saw her to punish her about it.  In fact Grandma hadn’t even known about it!  There weren’t many stories about my mom doing anything wrong at all, so this one I tucked carefully away.


I don’t remember what I was in trouble for-- likely not making my bed or leaving my stuffed animals scattered.  But Mom walked me to the bottom of the stairs to send me up to my room to take care of it.

As I stomped up the stairs (I was a practiced stomper) I wondered if I dared to stick my tongue out at Mom.  I thought about it on the way up and it seemed right, proper even.  After all, she deserved it.  I got to the top of the stairs, whirled around and stuck out my tongue at the bottom of the steps.

Where my mother was still standing, looking right at me.

What had I done wrong?  Mom never got caught when she stuck out her tongue at Grandma.  Then I realized; at Grandma’s house the stairs went halfway up to a landing.  From the landing the stairs turned 90 degrees to go the rest of the way up.  From the top of the stairs you couldn’t see the first floor.  Our stairs were one flight straight up.  Oops.

I pulled my tongue in and tried to look properly contrite while I stood there looking down at my mom, wondering what my punishment would be for this.

At the bottom of the stairs, Mom burst out laughing.

**** This is my true story for week 2 of LJ Idol, read other takes on the topic here.  The moral of this story, being extraordinarily stupid will work in your favor exactly once.****

Oh this was so funny. XD

Another moral of the story could be making sure you're on the right kind of stairs.

I'm still astonished that it never occurred to me that the staircases were so different. But I never forgot again after that.

Luckily my mom thought so too; it was explained to me later that if I ever stuck out my tongue directly at her again there would be trouble.

Heh, thanks! After taking last week's silly topic to a more serious place, I figured I should take this week's topic sillier if I could.

Hahahah, this is cute. :) Family stories are some of my favorites, I love listening to my aunts and uncles talk about their childhood!

My mom has a total of 6 brothers and sisters (the youngest is enough younger that she got her own room) and dad has four sisters. The stories are amazing.

Thanks for the kind words!

This was funny! I love it! I hope you like my entry!

Thank you! I'm still reading but looking forward to yours.

Right? Sadly it only seems to work for kids, doing something so stupid it's funny.

I mostly just listened to these weird tales of when my mom wasn’t my mom yet.

This line really spoke to me, and it ended up setting the tone for the whole story.


I tried to work in the part of the story where Mom used to jump from the top step to her bed (clearing 5' of empty floor and gaining a step plus a twin bed in height) so the monsters wouldn't catch her ankles, but couldn't make it fit.

Thanks for the kind words, you.

hee! but also, oops. that's the kind of mistake you only make once. good that your mom laughed, tho.

Yeah, it's those moments only kids can get away with, when you've done something so wrong it's adorable.


Lol. I liked this a lot. My mom used to say my grandmother hit her in the head with the brush while doing her hair. My grandma swears it was only because my mom wouldn't sit still. Sometimes, family stories are strange, but funny.

Oh yeah, my Grandma apparently had a lot more patience with her grandkids than her own kids. Then again she would help with my hair maybe once a month as opposed to nightly.


This really made me laugh :)

I still can't quite believe I didn't see how wrong that was going to go before it happened, sigh. But hey, I get to say I stuck my tongue out to my mom's face. Once.

A nice memory --and funny too.

I'm lucky to have come from large families who like each other and telling stories.


Then my work here is done.

Thank you!

I totally saw this coming, but even so thoroughly enjoyed going along with you for the ride. What a fun memory! I'm glad your mom has a good sense of humor (and is understanding)!

My mom read this, and said it was the horrified look on my face combined with remembering how good it felt to stick out her tongue at her own mom that made her laugh. At the time I was also instructed that if I was ever caught again I'd be punished, but this was a lesson I learned quickly.


*giggles* This was great!

Aw, thank you. Giggles were exactly what I was going for.