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I’m writing again for Idol but though I might try out that ‘journal’ part of this place again.

I ran the Oakland half-marathon on Sunday.  It was a little warm and it kicked my ass but I still set a new PR of 2:07:44.  J ran it with me and finished in 1:58:30!  J ran his first race just over a year ago, and in the last six months he’s done two halves with me.  It’s been interesting as he gets into this thing that used to just be mine: different but good.

I had girly doctor appointments on Monday involving smooshing and prodding.  Getting older is just not my favorite thing sometimes.

My today involves a giant spreadsheet of doom.  This is a project I assisted on last year and this year it seems to be all mine so yay for more responsibility, I guess?  But the parameters and timeline were both changed from last year when it was handed to me which is frustrating.

Alright, back to work.
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