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- I have a first draft for my Idol entry this week, which conveniently is about something I had on my list to write a post about anyway - yay!  Though I also find myself being back in the space where there are a few stories I could tell that I'm saving for the right Idol topic, because they're lovely and I think they'd play well to the community.  Also, because it helps to have a list of stories you'd like to tell in your pocket when Gary breaks out something truly weird.

- Yes, I have a short list of things that have been spinning in my head that I feel like I should share.  Whether or not I get to them is up for grabs, but apparently starting to write again for Idol has me wanting to write again generally so here I come. Currently on the list: sock conundrum, commute, documentary films.  Wow is that list random.

- J and I are jointly on a sort of diet.  We're using the same Ap to track calories taken in and burned through exercise, there are no rules about what we can and can't eat, just a daily goal to aim for.  We set a specific time period to track everything: spring equinox to summer solstice.  We started a little behind on Monday, just after the race.  Neither of us has tons to lose, but getting a little slimmer would be nice.  Especially as I keep running, every pound I lose is a pound I don't have to carry for miles and miles, which only helps.  It's also great to see that when we did this last year it led to better food habits that stuck, I haven't had to change anything drastically this week other than the stuff I knew I shouldn't be doing anyway, like eating Cheetos for an afternoon snack at work.

- I'm tempted to set aside some time in the next week or two to go back through kathrynrose's goal project.  I did all the steps at the top of 2013 and learned some good things about myself and was working towards some useful goals when I fell and broke my hand which put everything on hold.  I meant to pick it back up once the cast came off but never did.  A lot has changed in a year (being married for one!) and I think it would be smart to re-evaluate.  I also know there are some things still flapping around from those goals (how many unfinished knitting projects can one person have?) that it would be good to reinforce and get firmly back on my to do list.

- I'm super sad that TWoP is closing down.  Besides being annoyed that I'll miss the recap of the Justified finale because it airs just after they go away, that site was where I discovered fandom and message boards and I have a lot of friends here from there.  Even if I don't visit as often as in the heyday of Veronica Mars or Supernatural, I liked knowing it was there.  Boo.

My big plans for the weekend involve a short run, donating blood, and hanging out with friends.  What's on your weekend list?
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