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- It's been unseasonably warm here the past few days, which makes running after work a much sweatier prospect.  My manager is pretty relaxed about what hours I'm here as long as I get the time in, I'm tempted to shift my work day a little later and go back to running in the morning.  This is when it would be nice to be faster.
- I solved the earlier sock conundrum.  The issue was a pattern that was - not overly complex necessarily but the pattern stitch combined with the shaping to make the pattern work for different sizes meant keeping track of two different things, one of which couldn't be notated in the directions, at all times.  While I still think the pattern is cool, it's more effort than I wanted to put into socks, at least right now.  Note to self: if the pattern is different for right and left socks, or has super-specific directions for different sizing, maybe skip it.  So despite having a sock all the way into the decreasing rows after picking up stitches for the heel, I frogged it last weekend.  I still want to complete a project from my stash before doing any of the new things I purchased at the knitting convention last month, though, so I need to decide on a new stash project soon.
- I'm the only person in my office right now.
- I did a small flist cut.  I don't think anyone's going to notice, this was more about housekeeping (removing folks who haven't posted since 2012 or earlier). But if you do notice and want back in, let me know.
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I think your lj is the only one that I keep up with, actually. I just rarely post now!

I'm still here if you are!

I totally still read LJ, even though I haven't posted since before going on tour (how in the world was that 4 years ago?!). It's nice to be able catch up on your goings on, especially since you are both out of the theatre pool AND Facebookless, but I totes get it if you'd prefer to keep your Flist down to a dull roar. :)

Heh, well I'm still here if you're still reading. I'll make sure you're still on the flist, I just got a case of the spring cleanings and applied it everywhere.

How are you doing lady?

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