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running thoughts
Running down the road
I ran 15 miles this morning.

That is further than I've ever run all at once, ever.

This is it.  This is when marathon training is about more than paying the entry fee, or telling people I'm going to do it, or playing with  graphs and spreadsheets of the training plan.  This is when my knees and hips get a say, and I'm finding out exactly how long I can maintain focus.

Every long run I do from now until the end of July is going to re-set the marker for 'furthest I've ever run'.  I'm mostly excited, if a little sore.

Here I go.

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That is awesome! Go you!

This is really inspiring for me. Getting past the planning and to where it's about seeing how much you can do and pushing yourself to do more... I have a tendency to plan and plan and never really follow through all that well. So I'm really impressed by you doing this, and I need to remember that it's about that challenge and improving yourself. Just... Yeah, very cool. :)

Thank you. This comment made me smile all weekend long.

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